Dallas – Season 2

My mom was a fan of the original Dallas (even recording it when we went to HS football games) and I would occasionally watch it with her so I was familiar with the characters but not all of the storylines.  I did remember that the last few seasons weren’t so good and they had to ret-con J.R. killing himself.  But, I always loved Larry Hagman (I watched a lot of I Dream of Jeannie reruns as a kid) so I decided to give the new version a whirl for a couple of episodes at least.  Turns out, I loved it.  

When news of Larry Hagman’s death got out, I was saddened and worried how the rest of the season would go.  My worries were unfounded.  The show runners did a really great job of honoring J.R.’s (and Larry Hagman’s) memory and importance to the show.  The last half of the season was all about him and wasn’t at the same time.  They did a really good job of crafting a story that dealt with his death and gave the other characters something to sink their teeth into. 

One question I do have though.  When did Cliff Barnes become such an evil bastard?   He was just casually making phone calls and ordering people killed like it was a regular day at the office.  He seems so crazy now, it was totally believable that he’d shoot J.R. in cold blood (though I suspected what had really happened).  He deserves to be in jail anyway so I can’t work up much sympathy for the situation he finds himself in.

Don’t think I like the Elena twist at all.  I didn’t much care for Christopher (He’s my least favorite character, he seems to have all of Bobby‘s worst qualities and none of his good ones.  All self-righteousness and not a whole lot of sympathy or compassion.) and Elena together but I don’t want to see her against the whole Ewing family either.

I’m also a bit disappointed in John Ross.  He was starting to become my favorite character.  He’s naughty but still seems to have a heart.  I think he may truly care for Pamela but he is J.R.’s son.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Overall, I really enjoyed the season and I”m looking forward to see what they do next season. 


Photo Credit: TNT


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