True Blood, Season 6, Episode 2


True Blood: The Sun

Tonight’s episode seemed to be darker in tone than last week’s.  Unlike last week, there weren’t a lot of light moments.

I don’t like the direction Alcide seems to be going in.  I can’t believe he just let that were-bitch beat the shit out of Lafayette without lifting a finger to stop her.

I am intrigued by Ben.  I hope he turns out to be a good guy.  In that same vein, I hope this is the last we see of Patrick’s wife. I didn’t care for that storyline last season, I don’t want to re-visit it.

Again, blah, blah, Governor, blah.

I love Jessica and I love that even though she’s mad at them all, she still prayed that all her friends would be okay.  So, Bill isn’t a god and Lilith believes in God.  Hmmm…

Finally, Niall!!!  I suspected last week that’s who Rutger Hauer was playing.  So glad to see that character turn up in the show and he’s a good choice.  I loved his scenes with Jason.  He had just the right amount of loving exasperation that a grandparent would have.

Favorite lines:

  • “Well guess what, Missy Hangover? That ain’t my G. D. problem!” -Arlene
  • “Life is really a sh*t sandwich sometimes.” -Arlene
  • “I’m just saying it’s a tough. f***ing. bird.” -Eric
  • “The gene skipped you.” – Niall

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True Blood – Season 6, episode 1


True Blood Season 6 Premiere

So, one of my favorite shows is back tonight.  One of the things I love so much about True Blood is the pace.  Every episode seems to zoom by and, at the end, I’m always wanting more.

This ep started off with a bang.  I loved the way the whole sequence before the credits was handled, going back and forth between Bilith’s point of view and the action.

There was a lot going on in this episode and I loved the humor injected into the scenes to lighten some of the drama.  It looks like Andy’s storyline is going to be the one to keep the episodes from all being too dark.

I’m excited to see where the Bilith storyline is going to go.  I’ve always liked Bill and I hope that, eventually, he’ll be able to keep his humanity.

Sookie and Eric broke my heart a little tonight.  I’ve never been a Sookie/Eric shipper but it was still a great scene.

Dealing with vampires, blood is a pretty common element in this show.  I’ve never had a problem with any of it.  I was grossed out by pretty much every werewolf scene last night.  Seeing Alcide bite into that arm as a human and not wolf was pretty icky.

The whole political storyline with the Governor of Louisiana drags it down for me a bit.  I like Arliss Howard and he’s great as the Governor but that stuff took me out of the episode.

Favorite lines (paraphrased):

  • Naked, evil Superman — Jason
  • Fish piss and sand in your cooch. — Pam
  • Well, hog tits, Arlene! — Andy

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