True Blood, Season 6, Episode 2

True Blood: The Sun

Tonight’s episode seemed to be darker in tone than last week’s.  Unlike last week, there weren’t a lot of light moments.

I don’t like the direction Alcide seems to be going in.  I can’t believe he just let that were-bitch beat the shit out of Lafayette without lifting a finger to stop her.

I am intrigued by Ben.  I hope he turns out to be a good guy.  In that same vein, I hope this is the last we see of Patrick’s wife. I didn’t care for that storyline last season, I don’t want to re-visit it.

Again, blah, blah, Governor, blah.

I love Jessica and I love that even though she’s mad at them all, she still prayed that all her friends would be okay.  So, Bill isn’t a god and Lilith believes in God.  Hmmm…

Finally, Niall!!!  I suspected last week that’s who Rutger Hauer was playing.  So glad to see that character turn up in the show and he’s a good choice.  I loved his scenes with Jason.  He had just the right amount of loving exasperation that a grandparent would have.

Favorite lines:

  • “Well guess what, Missy Hangover? That ain’t my G. D. problem!” -Arlene
  • “Life is really a sh*t sandwich sometimes.” -Arlene
  • “I’m just saying it’s a tough. f***ing. bird.” -Eric
  • “The gene skipped you.” – Niall

Photo Credit: Get Glue and HBO


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