True Blood – Season 6, Episode 7: “In The Evening”


 True Blood: In the Evening                    

Well, it looks like the shit is about to hit the fan now.  Eric is PISSED!  Alcide’s pack is turning on him.  Jason’s in danger.  The final three episodes this season are bound to be exciting.

So, Jessica and James?  Hmm.  I like the idea of them together but thought her having sex with him while Jason stood guard outside was kind of sorry.  Obviously, Jason doesn’t have vamp hearing, but still.  I think, if they keep James around, he could be good for Jess.  He would be able to understand the issues of being a vampire without being judgmental or grossed out like a human would.  (On another note, my husband watched with me this week.  He said, “Why can’t getting clothes off be that easy?”  lol)

Alcide’s in trouble because apparently his “pack” doesn’t give a shit about pack hierarchy.  Doesn’t someone have to challenge him?  Can the whole pack just say “Fuck him, he’s not evil enough.”? Also, in the books, werewolves aren’t to be messed with but they aren’t all just assholes.  I find it hard to believe that Alcide, his dad and Martha are the exceptions.  I really wish Alcide’s story connected with the main story.

For Eric’s sake, I’m sad to see Nora go but the show didn’t develop her character enough that I’m going to miss her.  It’s sad that Eric’s last tie (that we know of) to Godric is gone and I can tell that her death is going to affect him deeply.  Like I said, he’s pissed now and it looks like (from the preview) Bill is going to point the finger at Sookie being the reason Nora died.  Eric hugging Nora as she dissolved, ICK!

So, has Terry actually been buried or was Arlene just at the cemetery picking out his plot?  The ground didn’t look disturbed and how could she have buried him without telling the kids? 

I guess I have my answer to how Jessica would be able to live in Bon Temps after killing Andy’s daughters.  Basically, Bill told Andy “You leave Jess alone, I leave Adalind alone.”  But in a nice, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” kind of way.  Andy is going to have to put aside any thoughts of justice or revenge to protect his sole living daughter.

Jason’s been working in the facility for a day or two.  Why did he have enough pull to have people bring him Jessica?  Or to go get James?

Can we all agree that we hate Sarah?  I knew Jason’s goose was cooked as soon as she found Truman’s head.  She’s just that kind of vindictive bitch.  Good for Tara, trying to protect him but 1 against 30?  Odds don’t look good.


Favorite Lines:

  • “I’m so fuckin’ glad I took my beta blockers. Deuces.” — Lafayette
  • “You don’t have that Stockholder Syndrome, do you?” — Jason
  • “I was a whore in my human life.  It wasn’t a coincidence.” — Pam

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True Blood: Season 6, Episode 5: Fuck the Pain Away and Episode 6: Don’t You Feel Me


True Blood: **** the Pain Away

Since I didn’t get to watch last week’s episode ’til Thursday, I decided I’d just combine my posts for these two episodes into one instead of writing two so close together.

I have a bad feeling that Jessica will die before the end of the season.  She’s nearly suicidal right now because she ate the Bellefleur fairies.  The conversation she had with Tara about the hunger never going away and trying to reconcile being a vampire with the faith she grew up with…I think she might willingly die.  Also, Andy knows she killed his daughters so what’s going to happen when/if she comes back?  I hope Jason can save her.

Sookie‘s parents tried to kill her.  I’m not surprised considering the comments that Sookie has made in regards to reading their thoughts.  Her mother was scared of her.  They didn’t blink an eye when Warlow told them that Sookie was part fae but he had to prove that vampires exist?  I also don’t understand why Benlow wants to turn Sookie.  He hates being a vampire, why would he want to do that to her?

Okay, if Warlow killed Lilith, where did that vial of her blood come from?  Had she already planned for her death?  And, if he’s the only one who can stop her, does that mean that Warlow has to kill Bill (haha)?

I felt like Pam was running her mouth too much with the psychiatrist.  I guess she could have been feeding him false info but, if not, she’s almost as bad as Steve Newlin.

True Blood: Don't You Feel Me

I knew Benlow was going to save Sookie but I’m surprised at the way it happened.  I assumed that Ben heard or felt Sookie scream (even though he hadn’t had her blood, he seems connected to her) and that’s why he was threatening the chemist.  I’m surprised that Bill let him go save her.  He did say Sookie is dead to him.

I have a lot of questions about Sookie/Benlow.  How did holding hands with Warlow transport him and Sookie to the fairy land?  I don’t remember how she got there before though Claudine was involved.  And why are they alone? I know Warlow didn’t kill all the fairies, just the ones in the club. Why does he think that the two of them feeding off of each other will be enough?  What does pretty fairy orgasm mean?

Is Nora going to die?  Do I care?  Not sure.  I never hated her character but I could definitely take her or leave her.  Eric‘s reaction if she does die would be interesting to watch.  I’m warming up to Willa though.  I like the friendship with her and Tara.  Even though Tara is still a baby-vamp, she’s always been smart so I bet she’s caught on quick.  Since Eric didn’t bother to teach Willa anything, it’s nice to see Tara step up.

I want to see more of James.  Besides the fact he’s not bad to look at, he was such a nice guy.  Even being tortured, he still wanted to protect Jess.  And Sarah Newlin is a huge bitch.  She can’t tell on Jason so she’s going to torture him instead.  Good for Jason, keeping his emotions in check.

I wonder if what’s going on with Alcide has something to do with becoming packmaster or if it’s the effects of the “V” he ingested.  It’s only been a few days, maybe it hasn’t worn off yet? He seems to make more rational decisions when he’s away from the pack.

Goodbye Gov. Burrell!  Yay!  I expected Bill to turn him so he could get the info he needed.  I knew they were going to infect all the TruBlood with the Hep V as soon as they told Eric about it.  Also, someone needs to kill that doctor.  He was entirely too gleeful about doing bad things to vamps.

NOOO!!! Terry!!!  😥  I guess the good thing about having him glamoured is that he died at peace.  If they hadn’t, though he didn’t know when it was coming, he would have been waiting for it.  Even though I don’t remember his name, I liked that vamp too.  It never occurred to me that a vamp might be married to a human and have kids.

Favorite Lines:

  • “So let me get this hetero straight.” — Lafayette
  • “Alright.  Fantastico.” — Eric
  • “I was serious about the Funyuns.” — Martha (may not have that one exactly right)
  • “You were always a pussy.” — Sarah

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True Blood – Season 6, Episode 4: “At Last”


No picture this week, I forgot to check in at GetGlue.  Grr!  I actually did watch the episode Sunday night, but I’m trying to get ready for vacation so my mind’s a bit scattered.  I’ll be on vacation during this Sunday’s episode so that recap will be late.  On to the episode!

I KNEW IT!  I knew there was something hinky going on with Ben.  I didn’t think he was Warlow though, I just thought he was working with him.  I’m a little more confused though.  If he’s bad, why did he give Jason his blood?  Was he really trying to help him or did he do it for another reason?  He also could have killed Jason when he and Grandpa broke into his hotel room but let him go instead.  But, then look what he did to Niall.  He said he struggles between dark and light.  It’s an interesting turn and since we’re only at Ep 4, I’m pretty sure Sookie‘s not going to kill him so soon.

Poor Jessica!  Poor Fairy Girls!  I really hope, for Jessica’s sake, they aren’t dead.  Also, it’d be a big waste of Andy’s storyline just to kill them all off when they’re three days old.

If Bill wants the scientist to do what he wants, why didn’t he just turn him?  Wouldn’t he be able to work faster?  It’s not like Bill would never do something like that, especially now.

Too soon, Sam, too soon!  Luna’s been dead less than a week!  Plus, you don’t know anything about this chick!  I don’t even know her name.  I don’t know what the lore is in True Blood land, will she become a werewolf now?

I’m going to say it again.  Alcide is pissing me off this season.  His pack killed three people and he didn’t even bat an eye.  He was actually sending them out after that chick before Martha came out screaming about Sam stealing Emma.

Still not really feeling the Eric vs. The Governor story line.  I think we all knew he was going to turn Willa.  Surprise, surprise Sarah and The Gov.  Anybody else think she’s behind his zealousness? (Is that a word? Spellcheck didn’t ding it.) I know his wife left him for a vamp but he does seem a little over the top.

There’s not enough Lafayette this season.

(I’m basing all  my timeline related statements on the assumption that this season has only taken place over a few days so far based on the quads growth.  They seem to age overnight and have gone from babies to toddlers to pre-teens to grown.  If they age every night, that would be three days.)


Favorite Lines:


  • “You ever have a dream that ain’t so…straight?” – Jason
  • “Dangit. That was my best Dirty Harry. He might just be an idiot.” – Jason
  • “You ain’t slept since you were three!” – Andy

True Blood – Season 6, Episode 3: “You’re No Good”


True Blood: You're No Good

I didn’t get to watch this episode live, so the post is a little later this week.  (Don’t know what I did before I had a DVR.)  Because I wasn’t tweeting while watching this episode, I actually took a few notes.

Most of the time, I watch the episode on a slight delay (about 5-10 minutes behind) so I fast-forward through the credits.  For some reason, I didn’t this week and seeing Rutger Hauer‘s name in the credits gave me a slight thrill.  Did I mention I love him as Niall?

Bill seems to be walking a fine line with sanity right now.  He’s so all over the place, I can’t figure out where he’s going.  I got that he wants to make synthetic Fairy True Blood.  He probably thinks it could prevent what he saw in the future, but the effect of Sookie‘s blood is even more temporary than a full Fae.  Don’t think he’s thought this through very well.  Plus, I’m not sure a scientist can formulate the magic in a fairy’s blood.  I did NOT like the look on his face at the end of the episode.  He better not hurt Andy’s girls.

Alcide seems to be losing control of his pack.  Most of the members weren’t upstanding citizens anyway and Marcus just made them worse.  It doesn’t bode very well for his leadership if they are already disobeying his orders.

I don’t know what to make of Ben.  I said before that I hoped, for Sookie’s sake that he’s a good guy, but he made me suspicious last night.

When are we actually going to get to see Warlow?

What’s wrong with Jason?  They seemed to be implying that he’s ill, but I did notice that his headaches seemed to get worse when a vamp was around.

The scene with Sarah and Steve Newlin made me sad and happy at the same time.  Sarah’s glee at Steve’s downfall was pretty funny to watch, but I felt bad for Steve.  He looked so scared.  Does everyone remember what Jessica was like when she was new?  She was blood-thirsty and killed a guy.  She had Bill to guide her, look who Steve had.  Russell.  He really hasn’t stood a chance.

I find Willa’s crush on Eric a little cute but not sure I like his reaction to her.  I am, by no means, an Eric/Sookie ‘shipper, but he seems to like her.  I don’t know what to think of that, guess I’ll see where it goes.

Finally, as a reader of the books, I’m a bit disappointed to see Claude die.  I like that the show doesn’t strictly follow the books.  It’s nice to have a little mystery, even though I am a bit of a spoiler-whore.  I didn’t necessarily want Claude’s story to go the way of the books but Claudine/Claude/Claudette do have a fairly significant story line.  For two of them to be gone already means all of that goes away.

Favorite Lines:

  • No, hotshot, you didn’t get him. – Niall
  • I didn’t ask ’cause I didn’t give a shit. – Pam
  • It’s okay, Ginger.  I understand.  You’re stupid. – Eric
  • That’s what I have to keep reminding myself. – Andy

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