True Blood – Season 6, Episode 3: “You’re No Good”

True Blood: You're No Good

I didn’t get to watch this episode live, so the post is a little later this week.  (Don’t know what I did before I had a DVR.)  Because I wasn’t tweeting while watching this episode, I actually took a few notes.

Most of the time, I watch the episode on a slight delay (about 5-10 minutes behind) so I fast-forward through the credits.  For some reason, I didn’t this week and seeing Rutger Hauer‘s name in the credits gave me a slight thrill.  Did I mention I love him as Niall?

Bill seems to be walking a fine line with sanity right now.  He’s so all over the place, I can’t figure out where he’s going.  I got that he wants to make synthetic Fairy True Blood.  He probably thinks it could prevent what he saw in the future, but the effect of Sookie‘s blood is even more temporary than a full Fae.  Don’t think he’s thought this through very well.  Plus, I’m not sure a scientist can formulate the magic in a fairy’s blood.  I did NOT like the look on his face at the end of the episode.  He better not hurt Andy’s girls.

Alcide seems to be losing control of his pack.  Most of the members weren’t upstanding citizens anyway and Marcus just made them worse.  It doesn’t bode very well for his leadership if they are already disobeying his orders.

I don’t know what to make of Ben.  I said before that I hoped, for Sookie’s sake that he’s a good guy, but he made me suspicious last night.

When are we actually going to get to see Warlow?

What’s wrong with Jason?  They seemed to be implying that he’s ill, but I did notice that his headaches seemed to get worse when a vamp was around.

The scene with Sarah and Steve Newlin made me sad and happy at the same time.  Sarah’s glee at Steve’s downfall was pretty funny to watch, but I felt bad for Steve.  He looked so scared.  Does everyone remember what Jessica was like when she was new?  She was blood-thirsty and killed a guy.  She had Bill to guide her, look who Steve had.  Russell.  He really hasn’t stood a chance.

I find Willa’s crush on Eric a little cute but not sure I like his reaction to her.  I am, by no means, an Eric/Sookie ‘shipper, but he seems to like her.  I don’t know what to think of that, guess I’ll see where it goes.

Finally, as a reader of the books, I’m a bit disappointed to see Claude die.  I like that the show doesn’t strictly follow the books.  It’s nice to have a little mystery, even though I am a bit of a spoiler-whore.  I didn’t necessarily want Claude’s story to go the way of the books but Claudine/Claude/Claudette do have a fairly significant story line.  For two of them to be gone already means all of that goes away.

Favorite Lines:

  • No, hotshot, you didn’t get him. – Niall
  • I didn’t ask ’cause I didn’t give a shit. – Pam
  • It’s okay, Ginger.  I understand.  You’re stupid. – Eric
  • That’s what I have to keep reminding myself. – Andy

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and HBO


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