True Blood – Season 6, Episode 4: “At Last”

No picture this week, I forgot to check in at GetGlue.  Grr!  I actually did watch the episode Sunday night, but I’m trying to get ready for vacation so my mind’s a bit scattered.  I’ll be on vacation during this Sunday’s episode so that recap will be late.  On to the episode!

I KNEW IT!  I knew there was something hinky going on with Ben.  I didn’t think he was Warlow though, I just thought he was working with him.  I’m a little more confused though.  If he’s bad, why did he give Jason his blood?  Was he really trying to help him or did he do it for another reason?  He also could have killed Jason when he and Grandpa broke into his hotel room but let him go instead.  But, then look what he did to Niall.  He said he struggles between dark and light.  It’s an interesting turn and since we’re only at Ep 4, I’m pretty sure Sookie‘s not going to kill him so soon.

Poor Jessica!  Poor Fairy Girls!  I really hope, for Jessica’s sake, they aren’t dead.  Also, it’d be a big waste of Andy’s storyline just to kill them all off when they’re three days old.

If Bill wants the scientist to do what he wants, why didn’t he just turn him?  Wouldn’t he be able to work faster?  It’s not like Bill would never do something like that, especially now.

Too soon, Sam, too soon!  Luna’s been dead less than a week!  Plus, you don’t know anything about this chick!  I don’t even know her name.  I don’t know what the lore is in True Blood land, will she become a werewolf now?

I’m going to say it again.  Alcide is pissing me off this season.  His pack killed three people and he didn’t even bat an eye.  He was actually sending them out after that chick before Martha came out screaming about Sam stealing Emma.

Still not really feeling the Eric vs. The Governor story line.  I think we all knew he was going to turn Willa.  Surprise, surprise Sarah and The Gov.  Anybody else think she’s behind his zealousness? (Is that a word? Spellcheck didn’t ding it.) I know his wife left him for a vamp but he does seem a little over the top.

There’s not enough Lafayette this season.

(I’m basing all  my timeline related statements on the assumption that this season has only taken place over a few days so far based on the quads growth.  They seem to age overnight and have gone from babies to toddlers to pre-teens to grown.  If they age every night, that would be three days.)


Favorite Lines:


  • “You ever have a dream that ain’t so…straight?” – Jason
  • “Dangit. That was my best Dirty Harry. He might just be an idiot.” – Jason
  • “You ain’t slept since you were three!” – Andy

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