True Blood – Season 6, Episode 7: “In The Evening”

 True Blood: In the Evening                    

Well, it looks like the shit is about to hit the fan now.  Eric is PISSED!  Alcide’s pack is turning on him.  Jason’s in danger.  The final three episodes this season are bound to be exciting.

So, Jessica and James?  Hmm.  I like the idea of them together but thought her having sex with him while Jason stood guard outside was kind of sorry.  Obviously, Jason doesn’t have vamp hearing, but still.  I think, if they keep James around, he could be good for Jess.  He would be able to understand the issues of being a vampire without being judgmental or grossed out like a human would.  (On another note, my husband watched with me this week.  He said, “Why can’t getting clothes off be that easy?”  lol)

Alcide’s in trouble because apparently his “pack” doesn’t give a shit about pack hierarchy.  Doesn’t someone have to challenge him?  Can the whole pack just say “Fuck him, he’s not evil enough.”? Also, in the books, werewolves aren’t to be messed with but they aren’t all just assholes.  I find it hard to believe that Alcide, his dad and Martha are the exceptions.  I really wish Alcide’s story connected with the main story.

For Eric’s sake, I’m sad to see Nora go but the show didn’t develop her character enough that I’m going to miss her.  It’s sad that Eric’s last tie (that we know of) to Godric is gone and I can tell that her death is going to affect him deeply.  Like I said, he’s pissed now and it looks like (from the preview) Bill is going to point the finger at Sookie being the reason Nora died.  Eric hugging Nora as she dissolved, ICK!

So, has Terry actually been buried or was Arlene just at the cemetery picking out his plot?  The ground didn’t look disturbed and how could she have buried him without telling the kids? 

I guess I have my answer to how Jessica would be able to live in Bon Temps after killing Andy’s daughters.  Basically, Bill told Andy “You leave Jess alone, I leave Adalind alone.”  But in a nice, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” kind of way.  Andy is going to have to put aside any thoughts of justice or revenge to protect his sole living daughter.

Jason’s been working in the facility for a day or two.  Why did he have enough pull to have people bring him Jessica?  Or to go get James?

Can we all agree that we hate Sarah?  I knew Jason’s goose was cooked as soon as she found Truman’s head.  She’s just that kind of vindictive bitch.  Good for Tara, trying to protect him but 1 against 30?  Odds don’t look good.


Favorite Lines:

  • “I’m so fuckin’ glad I took my beta blockers. Deuces.” — Lafayette
  • “You don’t have that Stockholder Syndrome, do you?” — Jason
  • “I was a whore in my human life.  It wasn’t a coincidence.” — Pam

Photo Credit: GetGlue and HBO


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