True Blood – Season 6, Episode 8: “Dead Meat”

True Blood: Dead Meat

I have lots of questions after this episode.

So, suddenly, Alcide‘s not a douche anymore.  He spent seven episodes being the biggest dick in the world and they undid it all by having him kick Rikki’s ass and save Nicole and her mother.  My question is did he kill Rikki?  If he didn’t, how did he just leave with Nicole?  He just said “I’m out and taking them with me.” and the pack just let him go?  Especially when they were so hell-bent on making sure Nicole kept her mouth shut?

Violet/Jason —  How does Gov. Burrell not knowing about Jason and Sarah help her?  Obviously she doesn’t know the Governor is dead, but what’s her angle?  Also, she seems to be a bad-ass but she doesn’t seem to be horrible.  Kind of a female Eric.  Since Violet got sent to the round room with Jess and the rest, what happened to Jason?

So, Warlow hates being a vampire but he wants to turn Sookie?  Have I mentioned this before?  Does Sookie have enough fairy blood that she’d be able to walk in the sun like Warlow?  I assumed that when Bill drank that small amount of Warlow’s blood that something about Lilith’s blood made the day walking effect last longer (possibly permanent).  Eric seems to have drank quite a bit more but how long will the effect last with him?  Is there something about vampire fairy blood that makes it last longer?  Also, why the hell did Sookie leave Warlow tied up when she left the second time?  She obviously untied him when she went to see Arlene (when she went back she gathered more vines) so why not untie him this time?  He might have been able to defend himself against Eric.

Why didn’t Jessica tell James about Jason?  Why are there so many “J” names in this triangle?  When James told Steve about the Tru Blood, shouldn’t the other vampires in the room have been able to hear?

Is Sam’s story line happening in an alternate dimension from the others?  This whole season has only taken place over two weeks and Nicole is already pregnant enough that Sam and Alcide can smell it (Eww!)?  And the Silver Fox (*snort*) loves Nicole?  Luna just died!!!

Why was there a different actress playing Caroline Bellefleur?  Originally, it was Katherine Helmond from Who’s the Boss?  Was she not available?  Did they think we wouldn’t notice?  If I was Arlene, I’d start cleaning house.  She’s Terry’s wife, she should have the final say-so about all his funeral arrangements.

Finally Sarah.  She thinks she’s on her way to gettin’ crazy.  Honey, you’ve already got there and went ’round the corner.  How does she think killing Ms. Suzuki makes her any better than vamps?  It makes her worse.  At least vampires sometimes have to kill for food.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Oozy but productive.” — Pam
  • “I brought second and third pairs of underpants in case of wedgies.  Most days I needed a fourth.” — Steve
  • “You ain’t even two weeks old yet so, no, I’m not gonna get you some coffee.” — Andy
  • “Sorry to take that one away from you…” — Eric

Photo Credit: GetGlue and HBO


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