True Blood – Season 6, Episode 10: “Radioactive”

Let me just start off by saying:  Yay!  Sookie and Alcide!  More on that later.

I wish they had shot the first scene of Alcide and Sookie in the cemetery before Joe Manganiello had cut his hair.  That wig he was wearing was awful.  Gotta say, he looks much better with the haircut, it was getting too long.

True Blood Season 6 Finale

Not sure what I think about Violet and Jason.  He was basically forced into the relationship and he just went along with it.  Violet seems to be a good person but she’s a little pushy and possessive.  It was pretty funny when she beaned Jessica with the volleyball.  I totally saw that coming.

Can’t say I was completely surprised by the turn the Warlow story took.  He had already shown how bad he can be by the other things he had done this season.  Killing all the fairies at the club, getting rid of Niall.  He was trying to be good for Sookie but, most likely, it was an act to lure her in.  His death pretty much answered my question about his blood.  I guess, because he was a vampire, the effects of his fairy blood were permanent as long as he was alive.  I was glad to see Niall show up again but didn’t Warlow turn him?  I would’ve thought that might at least be mentioned.

Glad to see Bill somewhat back to normal.  At least he seems to have regained his conscience.

We’re all in agreement that Pam saved Eric, right?  No way the show is getting rid of Alexander Skarsgard.

True Blood: Nerd Eric


The show needed to do this.  The fast pace that the show moves at means that, with the exception of the year Sookie spent in fairy land, six seasons of this show has happened over about a six month period.  Each season pretty much picks up right where the last left off.

Sam’s the mayor.  That was a fast six months since he didn’t even seem to be thinking of running.  Though, I suppose mayor’s races usually aren’t long, drawn-out affairs.  Did he sell the bar to Arlene because it wouldn’t look good for the mayor to own a bar?

Why is the Hep-V such an epidemic?  Nora was infected and died in a matter of hours.  It’s six months later and now there are roving bands of sick vamps (which reminded me of the walkers on The Walking Dead).  The only possibilities I came up with are A) Nora was injected directly and these vamps have drank the virus diluted through the TruBlood which makes it take longer to kill. or B) Drinking human blood keeps the virus from killing the vamps.

Even though Bill has regained his humanity, he still seems to be kind of full of himself.  Wasn’t there a better way to expose the governor’s Hep-V plan than writing a book?  And what made him think Sookie would take him up on his offer?  After all they’ve been through, she’s obviously going to have issues with trusting him.  Not to mention that it would be pretty disrespectful to Alcide for Sookie to let her ex feed from her.

Aww!  Tara and her mama made up!  I loved that whole scene.  Both ladies did a wonderful job.

When I saw that Sookie and Alcide are a couple now, I literally bounced up and down, clapping and said “Yay!”  I know, most people are Eric fans but I’m all about the Alcide.  While I can appreciate a good-looking blonde, I love dark-headed men.  I’ve always thought Sookie and Alcide had good chemistry and they’ve been in each other’s orbit since Season 3.  I just wish we’d gotten to see the relationship develop.  And, I see comments around the internet about Sookie being a slut but he’s only the fourth guy she’s been with.  It was established that Bill was her first because her telepathy got in the way of dating.  I just hope she doesn’t break Alcide’s heart.  I think there’s some lingering feelings for Bill but she’s sworn off vamps.


Can’t wait for next season!!!


Favorite Lines:

  • “Sook, meet Violet.  She’s European.” — Jason
  • “Sookie!  I am actually fucking happy to see you!” — Pam
  • “Growl all you want, Bright Eyes…” — Bill

Photo Credit: GetGlue and HBO


2 thoughts on “True Blood – Season 6, Episode 10: “Radioactive”

  1. haha totally agree with you on alcide’s wig.. What was that all about!! And Pam better save Eric!!! Buckner’s making me nervous with his “I never said he was alive” comments “but I am not taking him out of your living rooms”.. That man is all over the place! I also LOVED the scene between Tara and her mother. Definitely teared up, it was so bitter sweet and actually made me like Lettie Mae a bit.. a bit! You know Sookie is definitely going to break Alcides heart! I really really think that by the end of the series, she will be back with Bill.. ugh, but honestly, I think they both deserve each other.
    Great blog post by the way 🙂

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