Bones – Season 9, Episode 2: “The Cheat in the Retreat”

I was glad to see Bones and Booth somewhat back to normal.  It’s clear that Booth’s secret is still bothering Bones, but she’s not letting it ruin their lives.

I liked Bill and Evelyn.  Their banter with each other reminded me a bit of me and my husband.  Too bad they turned out to be the bad guys.  Anybody else catch the Dirty Dancing reference with them?  Their last name was Schumacher and they were thieves.

I’m getting really tired of Angela being mean to Booth.  If Brennan has come to terms with it, it’s time for Angela to LET IT GO.  She acts like Seeley is some random dude that Brennan had a fling with not the friend she’s known for 9 years.

I liked the fact that Cam having her identity stolen may have taught her a lesson about letting the people who love her help, but there were a few things that bugged me.  Considering all the things they have seen while working at the Jeffersonian, I would think that all the people that work on Booth’s cases would have some kind of extra safeguards in place on their personal information.  Doubly so after what Pelant did to Hodgkins and Angela.  Not that it would have necessarily stopped someone like Pelant but it would probably been enough to stop an average identity thief.  Also, I wouldn’t think that there would actually be charges pressed against Cam.  It should have been fairly easy, without a forensic accountant (or Angela), to prove that Cam hadn’t committed any crimes.

Bones: The Cheat in the Retreat

Favorite Lines:

  • “Feces.  It’s your lucky day, Bug Boy.” — Booth
  • “The boys have got marriage problems, Evelyn, they’re not blind.” — Bill
  • “…You’re a tight-assed geek boy who doesn’t really fit in anywhere else.” — Angela

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and Fox


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