Castle – Season 6, Episode 1: “Valkyrie”

Castle Season 6 Premiere


She said yes!  As if there was ever any doubt?  This is a real, solid couple.  He supports her and lifts her up, not hold her back.

Kate’s in a different position now.  Before she was BWOC, like the Senior Homecoming queen.  Now, she’s like the Freshman college student.  She knows she can do it but she’s still trying to get her bearings.  Her new partner seems nice.  Glad to see that she isn’t just a resentful bitch trying to show Kate she doesn’t belong there.  That happens too much in TV/movies.  For every bitch in real life, there are so many more women who are supportive of each other.

Poor Castle!  He wants Kate to succeed but he just can’t help his natural curiosity gets the better of him.  He was having trouble adjusting to the “new normal” but he tried putting his feelings aside for Kate.  And of course, it’s gotten him into big trouble.

Alexis’ boyfriend has got to go.  She’s too smart for an idiot like that.  He seems sweet, but dumb.

Not enough Martha, Ryan and Esposito and NO Lainie!


Favorite Line:  “You’re swaddling that doll right now, aren’t you?” — Castle


Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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