Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 2: “Blood Moon”

Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon

When are they going to get Ichabod some new clothes?  The ones he’s wearing are over 200 years old and I can’t imagine they smell too good since he was dead and buried all that time.

Andy’s head on backwards was gross.  Closed captioning said the creature was speaking Greek and then it was brought up later in the episode.  Will Greek mythology play a part in the mystery/mysteries?  John Cho is listed as a guest star and IMDB doesn’t show him in any other episodes (not that they’re always correct).  I hope to see more of him because I’m really curious about Andy.  How did he get involved with the bad guys because he seems almost decent.  He tried to save Abbie and kept apologizing to the people that Serilda was going to kill.  He also seemed reluctant to help but, now that he’s dead, I guess he has no choice.

Yay, Clancy Brown was back!  Seems like August may be Abbie’s guide like Katrina is Ichabod’s.  Abbie has a bit of a shell around her and August breaks that down so I hope to see him back again.  I’m liking Ichabod and Abbie’s developing friendship though.  Abbie can be a bit of a Scully but Ichabod is totally a Mulder so he’s keeping her from dismissing what she’s seen.  And, from all the sticky notes in the hotel room, it seems that Abbie is trying to help Ichabod adapt to present times.

I was a bit torn about how quickly they were able to deal with Serilda.  On the one hand, it would have been bad if she was able to regain her body.  She could have wreaked a lot of havoc on Sleepy Hollow.  But, and maybe this is Buffy spoiling me a bit, I feel like they need a central bad guy (or Big Bad) to go up against.  One with a face.  There has to be someone/something setting everything into motion.  I don’t think the creature is in charge, I think he works for someone else.  I’m sure the story is leading up to a reveal.

A few questions:  Why didn’t anybody notice that a police car was missing?  Why didn’t anyone hear Ichabod breaking down the wall and come to investigate?  The nurse giving meds to Abbie’s sister didn’t check under her tongue?  That’s always the first place I’d look.

Oh, I was pretty disappointed that the show had standard opening credits this week and no Rolling Stones.  😦  Also, the production values in TV shows are just getting better and better.  When Ichabod was running through the forest in his dream, I thought “This could be a movie, it looks so good.”

Favorite Lines:

  • “No, what’s insane is a 10% levy on baked goods.” — Ichabod
  • “I will literally pay you to stop talking.” — Abbie


Photo Credit:  Fox and Get Glue


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