Revenge – Season 3, Episode 1: “Fear”

Revenge Season 3 Premiere

I know the show wants to get back to it’s roots and scuttle all the Initiative junk but I think some of the storyline wrap-ups in this episode were too quick and that maybe the story would have been better served by stretching them out over two or three episodes.

My poor Nolan had to serve SIX MONTHS in prison!  I’m glad the show flashed forward though.  I wouldn’t have wanted to see Nolan languishing in jail without his fabulous clothes.  Is he broke now?  I realize that the bad publicity tanked his company but shouldn’t he still have money?  It wasn’t really explained.

I feel like having Charlotte losing the baby was a bit of a cop out.  I know a lot of viewers disliked Declan but imagine all of the conflict possible in Charlotte having his baby.  It feels like once the show decided to write Declan out, they decided to leave no trace of him behind.  Also, not too sure what I think about the new, bitchier Charlotte.  If she’s turning into a mini-Victoria, I definitely don’t like it.  She was too sweet for that.  But, from what the promo implied, if she’s turning into a mini-Emily, I’m on board with that.  Her family is to blame for what happened to her biological father, her boyfriend and most likely her child as well.  If anyone feels a need for revenge, it would be her.

And Good-bye, Ashley!  Her exit felt a little rushed and even though I like the actress, I can’t say I’ll miss the character.

I think Jack lied about his feelings for Emily.  I think he really does love her but he just can’t be a part of her life.  He may believe she’s justified in her actions but it’s a dangerous world she lives in and he has to think about Carl first.  How better to keep her away than to make her think he doesn’t care?

I really hope Aiden going to Victoria is part of Emily’s plan and that he hasn’t really turned against her.  I definitely don’t want Emily with Daniel but I think Jack/Emily/Aiden is a good triangle.  Both guys love different parts of her.

Anyone else get an icky vibe from Victoria and Patrick?  Also, isn’t it a little suspicious that Patrick was the first name that Emily came up with when talking to Victoria since, supposedly, no one else knows about him?

Favorite Lines:

  • “And let’s never say the words “Carrion” or “Initiative” ever again.” — Emily
  • “Amen to that.” — Nolan

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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