Castle – Season 6, Episode 2: “Dreamworld”

Castle: Dreamworld


I like Kate’s partner (I still don’t know her name yet).  She’s ballsy.  I know I hit on this last time.  I like that she sees the potential in Kate and has her back.  And she’s not so hard-nosed she couldn’t offer a few words of comfort to Castle.  I’m sure Kate will be back at the NYPD soon but I’ll be sorry to see Lisa Edelstein go.

Hi, Glenn Morshower!  I’d seen him in stuff but never really paid attention or knew his name.  I went to a horror con last spring and he just showed up unannounced to meet fans.  I thought that was pretty cool so now I notice him.  Even if his character was a dick, lol.  He nearly got his wife killed trying to save his own ass and reputation.

OMG!  The scene where Castle was talking to his mother and was trying not to let on that anything was wrong and his mother figured it out anyway!  I nearly burst into tears.  They don’t have the most normal mother/son relationship but she still knew her boy was in trouble.

Enough with the Castle and Beckett being in danger.  Although it’s always nice to see them worrying about each other, they have enough drama in their lives without it.

Still not enough Ryan and Esposito but it looks like they are going to make up for it next week.


Favorite Line:

  • “Somtimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.” — Castle

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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