Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 3: “For the Triumph of Evil”

Sleepy Hollow: For the Triumph of Evil

Weird transition in the opening scenes.  I thought they were heading into the credits but they faked me out and went to another scene.

I watch TV with the captions turned on.  My husband hates it but sometimes the air conditioner (or other people in the house) are too loud and I don’t want to blast the volume.  Anyway, after Captain Irving mentioned The Twilight Zone, Ichabod asked Abbie “What is a twilight zone?” and she just said nothing.  Why wouldn’t they leave that in?  There are going to be all sorts of pop culture references that Ichabod won’t get and I know they can’t address them all but that seems like a good spot to mention it.

Is there something special about the people that can see the demon?  Not everyone can, I guess, since the only person from the search party that saw it was Mr. Gillespie.  The Sandman was going after people that had the opportunity to help Jenny and failed.  Why?  Is there something in particular about her or did he just randomly pick her situation?  And, is the Sandman dead because Abbie defeated him in the dreamworld or does that just mean he won’t come after her anymore?

Um, Abbie?  What police officer just opens the door and walks into a hostage situation?

Ichabod has a lot of faith in things he doesn’t understand.  He drank that tea so he could go with Abbie but there was no guarantee that they would end up in the same place, especially since he hadn’t been having dreams about the Sandman.

What are the chances that the Native American they went to talk to also knew about the legends and stuff?  I know several Native Americans.  Only one of them cares about and is involved with the heritage and rituals of his tribe.  I live in a part of the country where there are a lot of Native Americans though, so it wouldn’t be hard for me to find a knowledgeable person.  Abbie said there were not a lot left around there.  Either she knew Seamus had the information they needed or he was the only Native American she knew.

Where did Andy go?  Last episode, he was following Abbie through the tunnel and then he was just gone.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Not if they wish to remain my friends.” — Ichabod
  • “Scorpions.  They’re, um…ouch.” — Seamus

Photo Credit:  Fox and Get Glue


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