Bones – Season 9, Episode 4: “The Sense in the Sacrifice”

Bones: The Sense in the Sacrifice

Watching what the Squints were doing to that poor guy’s body made me sad.  I agree with Caroline, I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when he donated his body to science.  But, maybe he’d be glad to help catch a killer.  Except that’s not the way it turned out.  So, where did his body go?

Aww, poor Reed Diamond!  He’s a good guy to come back for one scene just to get killed off.  First, I know he was shot ten times but what, exactly, were his injuries?  He seemed fully recovered yet he was on permanent desk duty?  Second, I was always suspicious of Flynn.  I always thought he was in cahoots with Pelant.  Either, they planned out his death that far back or it was just my over active imagination.  I’m glad I was wrong about him and Booth was right.

So, is Sweets back full time?  Last week, it didn’t seem like he was ready to come back and he spent the episode in casual clothes.  This week, he’s wearing suits and in and out of Booth’s office like usual.

Brennan let her emotions get the best of her for a change.  Normally, she would have figured out that Pelant expected her to go in search of the bones from her old case.  She was so focused on getting him, she walked right into his trap.  Booth was awfully confident that bomb was a fake to risk both of their lives like that.

This episode was so good.  My emotions were all over the place.  When the team first figured out the body was Flynn, their reactions made me sad. Then, when it looked like I was right and he was dirty, I just thought, “Well, he kind of deserved it.”  Even though I knew that Booth and Brennan would be okay, the last few minutes had my heart thumping fast because I was spooked for them.

Ding, dong Pelant is dead!  On with the wedding!


Favorite Lines:

  • “Lovely.  Makes me want to poke my eyes out.” — Caroline
  • “I’m not about to argue with a woman who can solve a murder using only a tooth and a magnifying glass.” — Flynn


Photo Credit:  Get Glue and Fox


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