The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1 – “30 Days Without An Accident”

Countdown to The Walking Dead Season 4: 2 Days

So, Rick isn’t using a gun.  Why?  I know he’s trying to show Carl a better way but that doesn’t mean he should leave himself unprotected.  Why was there a gun buried in the garden?  And, what’s up with the headphones?  If the walkers were to break down the fence, he wouldn’t hear them.

The pig was sick and they didn’t ask Herschel to look at it?  He’s a veterinarian!  What if what’s wrong with the pig (that they’re planning on eating) is contagious to humans?

Maybe they should come up with a way of attaching spikes to the fence so that the walkers impale themselves.  Or build more of those spike things by the gate and put them all around the outside.  It would keep the walkers from being able to gang up all in one spot.  Eventually, they are going to knock that fence down.  Also, someone needs to beat the kids for standing out there taunting the walkers.

So, Beth is hardening herself.  It didn’t even seem like she was all that into Zach and then she barely blinked when Daryl told her he was dead.  I know she says she can’t cry anymore but I think she’s withdrawing emotionally.  Can’t be hurt if you don’t care.  On the other side of that, Maggie and Glenn are contemplating a baby.  I wouldn’t want to get pregnant in those circumstances.

How cool would it be if Daryl actually had been a cop?  He took Zach’s death harder than Beth.  I think he feels bad now that he never answered Zach’s question.

They’ve set up a council now which makes sense.  No one person is making all the decisions and with so many people in the prison now, it’s likely to keep the tension at a  minimum.  What I don’t understand is why Carol is teaching the kids about weapons in secret?  It makes sense to teach them how to protect themselves.  Obviously they aren’t going to be sent out on supply runs but who knows when a stray walker might come along?  So, why wouldn’t she bring that up to the council?  I know Rick is probably against it because he’s gone the total opposite direction of where he was last year but the rest of the council would probably vote for it.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

Bob’s an alcoholic and he’s to blame for Zach dying, even if it was indirect and unintentional.  My question is why no one noticed the walkers on the roof of the building?  When you are approaching a building from a distance, you can usually see something sticking up on the roof unless it’s a tall building.  The store was a one story building.  Someone should have been able to see at least one walker or maybe the helicopter.

I kept hearing everyone associated with the show say that the threat this year wouldn’t be people or walkers but something everyone is familiar with.  I guess that’s going to be illness.  First, what made Patrick sick?  Something he ate, other people ate the same things?  If it’s an airborne illness of some sort, no one else seems to be sick.  He coughed all over the water supply and Carol turned the grill over to him so he’s probably spread whatever it is.  He also shook Daryl’s hand.  😦  Whatever it is, it’s fast acting since he went from healthy to dead in the course of a day.  And now Walker Patrick is locked in the cell block with all the sleeping people.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Just so you know, I liked you first.” — Carol
  • “Sorry, Pookie.” — Carol

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and AMC


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1 – “30 Days Without An Accident”

  1. that plant died.. Hershel was replanting the root.. something in the soil? But then how did the kid get it? By eating the deer who ate the grass? And what was going on with the zombie eyes! They looked different!

    • There’s also poor Violet the pig and the sickly boar in the woods. I’ve wondered if animals can carry the virus because, so far, we haven’t seen any walker animals. If they were carriers and it mutated…uh oh.

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