Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 5: “John Doe”

Sleepy Hollow: John Doe

I’m loving the mini history lessons the viewer gets each episode.  I always liked history but I was more into the Civil War.  My Revolutionary War history is a bit fuzzy.  😀

I really don’t like Abbie’s ex.  Why does the cute guy have to be a douche?  Considering I don’t really trust anybody since Andy was a bad guy, I’m not sure if it’s jealousy or if he’s working with Moloch.  Either way, he’s trying to separate Abbie and Ichabod.  Boo!  Also, who set up the fake records for Ichabod at Oxford?

Why weren’t the Roanoke citizens the least bit bothered by the two strangers that came to visit?  Not only did Abbie not speak their language, she was dressed in clothes that would have been completely foreign to them.  Not to mention the gun and cell phone they may have glimpsed.

I love Tom Mison’s eyebrows.

So what actually happened to the Roanoke colonists? The mayor or whoever he was indicated that the ghost of Virginia Dare led the colonists to the island to save them from the disease and that kept The Horseman of Pestilence from crossing over.  It wasn’t clear to me if they had actually lived on that island at some point or if it was just some sort of portal or time slip that allowed Ichabod and Abbie to see them.

Still can’t figure Captain Irving out.  He went from “This is bullshit!” to “Go ahead and steal that ambulance.” in about 10 seconds.  Speaking of the ambulance, I think I noticed a goof in the editing.  At the beginning when they were wheeling Thomas into the hospital, there were TWO isolation tents being wheeled in.  At that time, Thomas would have been the only patient.

Why wasn’t Abbie carrying Thomas through the woods?  Ichabod was about to pass out and she’s over there with a tiny little first aid bag.

Finally, they addressed his clothes.  Maybe next time they’ll actually get around to buying him some new ones.

Favorite Lines:

  • “What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument? ” — Ichabod
  • “You and I have very different definitions of old.” — Ichabod
  • “You look good for 200.” — Abbie
  • “You know, for a detective, you really don’t have a clue.” — Abbie

Photo Credit:  Fox and Get Glue


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