American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 2: “Boy Parts”


Jim!  I’m pretty sure one of the gator killers was Jim from The Walking Dead.  I wondered what happened to him.  😉

So, does Fiona control those two police officers forever or was it just temporary?  I wasn’t sure if she used a mind control spell or a memory spell.

If Zoe is the weakest among the witches, Madison has to be the dumbest.  Why would she take Zoe along on her excursion to the morgue when she so easily spilled her guts to the police?  On top of that, didn’t Fiona warn them to stop being sloppy and stupid?  So, Madison’s answer to that is to steal a spell, break into the morgue, sew a body together and resurrect it?  Fiona threw them against the wall for their last “accident,” what does Madison think she’ll do when she finds out about this?

The authorities keep a really close eye on the morgue.  Madison and Zoe had to have been there for hours before anyone showed up.

Misty Day could be the best friend Zoe ever has.  “So, uh, Misty.  I was thinking about having sex tonight.  Do you think you could be near by?”

I think there was a better way for Marie Laveau to punish Madame LaLaurie.  Her family didn’t deserve to be killed.  Yes, they helped her but not willingly.  I’m sure they were terrified of her.  Wouldn’t a better punishment have been for Madame LaLaurie to have to watch her loved ones grow old and die?

Miss Pittypat and Sabrina the Teenaged Cracker, lol.

I have a feeling that the ritual Cordelia performed is going to turn out badly.  Almost everything I’ve read or watched involving magic says that it has a price and blood magic is dangerous.  Cordelia’s ritual involved blood AND sex.  Either a sacrifice is going to be required (that she wasn’t aware of) and her husband is going to die or she’s going to get pregnant with some sort of demon baby.  Just a prediction and I’ll probably end up being wrong because I can hardly ever guess where this show is going to go.

Ok, so let me see if I can get this straight.  The original witch was a (presumably black) woman named Tituba who practiced Voodoo.  She somehow gave or taught her powers to white women in Salem.  Eventually, that led to two different lines of magic practitioners, Voodoo queens and witches.  From Fiona and Marie’s conversation, it seems that the two lines don’t get along and may actively fight with each other.  If that’s true, why is Queenie going to the school?  She said she descended from Tituba and she’s a human Voodoo doll.  Also, why does Fiona seem to be more powerful than Marie?

What exactly brought Kyle back?  Was it the ritual itself, Zoe’s kiss or Misty?  Misty said she was drawn to the morgue.  I assume the spell was what drew her.  Does Misty have to touch something to bring it back?  Was it a combination of Misty and the ritual?  She told Zoe she’d heal him.   Will he look more normal or still have all those ugly seams?

I could have quoted Kathy Bates’ whole speech from the last scene in my favorite lines.  The whole thing was sad and funny at the same time.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Did we just marry the devil ’cause I don’t know if I’m down with that?” — Zoe
  • “You’ve got a mean streak wider than your backside.” — Fiona
  • “Him, I didn’t care about.  I’d been planning on killing him for weeks.” — Madame LaLaurie

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and FX


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