Bones – Season 9, Episode 5: “The Lady on the List”

Bones: The Lady on the List

First things first, what happened to the hawk?  First thing I wrote in my notes was “Don’t kill the hawk!”  I was happy to see that Hodgins was taking care of it but then it got sick from arsenic poisoning and they never said what happened to it.

I feel like we’ve missed an episode where Sweets is concerned.  He was very unhappy at the beginning of the season and acted like he was unsure when he would come back.  He was back on board to catch Pelant with no explanation but that’s a special case.  This week, there he is like he’s back full time and nothing is ever mentioned about it.  And THEN, they are trying to replace him with that stupid computer.  WTH?  But, considering that a couple of months ago, Sweets was thinking about quitting, his reaction to VAL was amusing.

I really don’t like that intern.  I thought he was new until they started talking about him being there before.  I guess I must really not like him because I don’t even remember him.  I think the thing that bugs me most about him is his lack of respect for anyone else.  Even if he is smarter than Brennan or Camille, they are his bosses’.  Are we ever going to get to see Zach again?

Finally, Angela admits what a heifer she was being toward Booth.  I think she needs to apologize to him directly.

Since when is having a pipe grounds for parole violation?  I understand that she committed a felony and that should prevent her from owning a firearm but she’s not allowed to protect herself in any way?  It’s not like she was walking around with a knife in her purse.  She lived in a shady neighborhood and lived alone.

It’s so cute how excited Brennan is about the wedding.  She was always the one who didn’t want to get married but turns out she’s a secret softy after all.  I also like that Booth and Brennan are planning the wedding together.  Pigs in a blanket!


Favorite Line:

  • “I hate VAL.  She is stupid.  I hate her.” — Sweets

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and Fox


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