Castle – Season 6, Episode 4: “Number One Fan”

Castle: Number One Fan

I never found the time to blog about the last episode (“Need To Know”).  I didn’t have a whole lot to say about it anyway.  Mainly, I’m glad Kate is back in NY but wish they’d gone with a different reason.  I was hoping she’d realize she missed being a police officer and being able to make an impact for the victims and their families and missed working with her team and Castle and decide to quit on her own.  Her getting fired, and the reason why, was kind of lame.  Still, it was very sweet of Castle to offer to move for her.

Pi has got to go!  Who barges into someone’s room with out knocking, especially when A) they are a GUEST and B) the room belongs to a couple who could be doing couple-y things?  The fact that he had been standing outside their room listening is doubly creepy.  I really hope this is a phase Alexis is going through in reaction to her dad’s engagement.  That doesn’t make much sense to me since she has always liked Kate but, honestly, I’m at a loss for any other reason.

Kate needs to work.  Obviously, as Rick pointed out, she doesn’t have to because he has more than enough money to support them.  But, but being a cop isn’t just a job to Kate, it’s a passion.  She needs to help people and see that justice is done.  I know it started out because of her mother, but I think it’s become much more than that to her.  If she hadn’t gotten reinstated to the force, she could have become a consulting PI like Sherlock.

I really didn’t like Captain Gates when she first came on.  I loved Captain Montgomery and I realize she was so much different than him to bring a different vibe to the team and shake it up a bit.  Still, I found her hard and a bit grating.  The fact that she didn’t like Castle didn’t endear her to me much either.  But, as she’s gotten to know her people, I’ve seen her soften a bit.  She really has their back and to see her finagle a way for Kate to get back on the force was pretty awesome.

I don’t usually have much to say about the cases themselves.  To me, they’re usually just filler.  This week, the scene when Emma met her father for the first time, made me tear up.  As to the murderer, you’d think a lawyer would be smart enough not to keep anything incriminating in his house.

Finally, YAY! Lainie!

Favorite Line:

  • “She dotted the I!” — Castle

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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