The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 2 – “Infected”

The Walking Dead: Infected

I figured out why Rick didn’t put down the crazy chick in the woods after she died last week.  I don’t think he’s killed a walker since the end of last season.  I understand why he wouldn’t want to kill a person after what Carl did but after everything he’s lost because of the walkers, why does he hesitate to kill them?  Even at the fence, with it nearly ready to fall down, he started out slowly, pausing to look at each walker before he killed it.

Congrats, Carol on adding to your family.  The only thing I could think of when Ryan was asking her to take care of his girls like they were her own, was that she didn’t do such a good job of that with Sophia.  That’s horrible and it wasn’t her fault.  Carol has become so much stronger since then.  That was pretty evident when she took Ryan into the cell and was like “Be calm, I’m going to cut your arm off.”  It was even more apparent by watching her mother her new girls.  “You’re weak” isn’t exactly the most motherly thing to say.  One of those girls is nuts, though.  I think her name is Lindsay.  She was more upset about her favorite walker being killed when she just watched her father die.  Her sister, Mica, is pretty smart.  She was looking at her sister like she’d just lost her last marble.

Speaking of mothers, I think Michonne had a kid.  When she first started grimacing at Judith’s crying, I thought maybe she was sick and just more sensitive to the sound.  When she took Judith and her lip started trembling, I knew she’d lost a child.  I wonder if the walkers she had on chains had anything to do with it?  How cute was Judith playing with the cups?  Anyone else think she sounded like a walker when she was babbling in the background?  I would think she’s probably heard them if they ever take her outside.  Babies imitate what they hear.  I also think I may have heard her cough right before she started crying.  Uh-oh.

Poor piglets!  I know they had to go, especially since they may be carriers of the virus but couldn’t Rick at least slit their throats first?  The walkers would have still gone for them, it was fresh blood and the poor babies wouldn’t have suffered so much.

I liked seeing the council meeting.  I was wondering how that dynamic worked.  I wonder how Sasha ended up on the council?  Other than her, it’s made up of the people that have been together for a while.  She’s new and no one knows her very well.  I would like to see how they chose who was going to be on the council.

The guns are back.  Rick made a pretty fast turnaround about them.  When the cell block was being attacked, I saw him reach for his gun belt, which wasn’t there.  Then, someone hands him a gun and he immediately hands it off to someone else.  Carl ran off with his gun like a kid who got a puppy for Christmas.  I’m not sure, but I think that scene also marked the end of Rick’s sheriff shirt.

I’m glad that they were able to figure out that there’s a virus killing people.  With all the carnage from the attack, I was afraid they’d think that someone had been bitten and not told anyone.  Then, there could have been a lot more deaths.  But, did two walkers cause all that damage?  Patrick died and rose an hour or so later.  He went and knawed on the guy in the cell for most of the night and that guy turned.  From the time those two walkers came out of the cell until the people outside heard the boom, it couldn’t have been that long but there seemed to be a lot more walkers.

We’ve got two mysteries to solve.  First, who’s feeding rats to the walkers and WHY would they do that?  I thought it could be Lindsay but I don’t think it can be a kid.  Whoever it is would have to be able to get the inside gate open to get to the outer fence where the walkers are.  I guess it’s possible a kid could do it because Carl can work the gate.  Second, who drug Karen and the other guy’s bodies outside and burned them?  Also, were they already dead when they did it or did the mystery person kill them?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Haven’t seen anyone be lucky in a long time.” — Bob

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and AMC


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 2 – “Infected”

  1. Rick really disappointed me in this episode. Consider how in episode 2 of the last season he brained Tomas with the machete, and in this episode he cries over slaughtering pigs. I liked that Michonne is getting some characterization (finally!) and Carol has become my new favorite character.

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