Bones – Season 9, Episode 6: “The Woman in White”

Bones: The Woman in White

Married!  It’s about damn time!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the gang solve a case without interviewing anyone.  It was pretty great how all the interns came in to help trick Brennan so she wouldn’t worry about the case even though she hadn’t invited any of them.  I can totally see it not even occurring to Bones to invite the interns.  Even after all this time, she still doesn’t understand all the social niceties.  To her, she’s their boss and it probably never even entered her mind that they might want to come.  And how tricky is Edison?

Everyone was being huge jerks, taking bets on whether the wedding would happen or not.  I don’t understand why they all thought the case would prevent the wedding.  In Bones’ mind, it was perfectly logical for her to continue working right up until (and probably) after the wedding.  When the time came for her to concentrate on the wedding (with a little prodding/emotional help from Angela), Bones was able to delegate the work and get busy with what was really important.  I’m glad that Max won because he was the only one that bet on them.  And, good for Angela.  I think her guilty conscience at not trusting Booth fueled her need to see them get married that day.  The wedding she planned was better than the one they were supposed to have. I’ve always thought the grounds of the Jeffersonian were pretty and what better place for them to get married?

Was it just me or did Pops have a shiner?  My guess is that Ralph Waite had a black eye and they tried to cover it with makeup.  Either that or I missed it being discussed.

Hodgins brought two racks of clothes from the history of fashion exhibit and they all looked like they just stepped out of “Hello, Dolly?”  And why didn’t Hodgins have a regular suit on?  As the husband of the matron of honor, I know he was invited to the original wedding.  Arastoo had on a suit.

I’ve always been a fan of Cyndi Lauper but who knew she had a set of pipes on her like that?  That was a beautiful rendition of At Last.

The best part of the whole episode was Booth and Brennan.  They were each so worried about the wedding being perfect for the other.  They could have had a wedding in a jail cell and been happy.  I loved that they both tried to make sure the other got the wedding they wanted.  And their vows were perfect.

Favorite Line:

  • “Worst friends ever.” — Cam
  • “Slow down, DaVinci code.” — Cam
  • “I prefer not to tell you while you’re wearing your tough face.” — Edison
  • “Because Angela said that I should.” — Bones

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and Fox


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