Castle – Season 6, Episode 5: “Time Will Tell”

Castle: Time Will Tell

Finally! Castle is fed up with Pi but it comes with a price.  On some level, Rick had to know his baby girl was going to move out eventually.  If I were him, I don’t think I’d be happy with the situation either.  Alexis needs to stand on her own two feet before she lives with someone.  She needs to know herself first.  Rick’s such a kid sometimes, it’s nice to see that grown up, daddy side of him.

Kate’s on the outside of the situation and I think she has a little better grasp on it.  She can see Alexis is a little lost because she’s unsure of her place in Rick’s life now.  It’s probably occurred to Alexis that Kate and Castle might start a family and she won’t be the baby anymore.  Kate doesn’t want to push too much though, it’s something Rick and Alexis need to figure out on their own.

So, was Simon Doyle crazy or really from the future?  Of course, Castle believed it was possible.  He loves an out there theory.  Simon disappeared at the end.  Where did he go?  Did he duck into one of the doors to mess with Castle or really go *poof*?  Other than all the future talk, Simon seemed fairly sane.  He knew how to fool the pysch evaluator.

Why would Kate be Senator Beckett instead of Senator Castle?  I really can’t see Kate going into politics.  She’s not someone who likes the spotlight.  She’s always been uncomfortable when people realize that she’s Nikki Heat.  Three kids?  Castle seemed pretty happy about that but Beckett seemed surprised.

The actor who played Jack Hasting (the leader of the eco group) is Tim Daly’s son, Sam.  He looks a lot like his father.

It’s about time to start planning a wedding!

Favorite Line:

  • “A lot more lucrative, a lot less prison.” — Castle
  • “Maybe we should put something in our vows about following each other into creepy places.” — Castle

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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