Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 4: “Nasty Habits”

Once Upon a Time: Nasty Habits

Why, exactly, has Gold been wandering on his own?  I know he told Neal it was because the others might not be able to do what needs to be done but that doesn’t sound plausible.  Obviously Regina would do anything and I think Emma would too, to protect Henry.  What’s he really up to?

Charming is stupid and selfish.  He needs to tell Snow and Emma about the poison.  Don’t they deserve the chance to tell him goodbye if he’s really going to die?  And what if Tinkerbelle or Regina can think of a cure?

I get the feeling that Pan has been pulling strings for quite a while and not just on the island.  He seems to know an awful lot about everyone.  How did Rumple know Pan when he was a boy?  He wasn’t a Lost Boy, Pan came up with that name after Rumple became the Dark One.

Rumple was willing to die for Henry when he thought  Neal was dead but, now that he’s not, Rumple’s not so sure?  Either way Henry is his grandson, his blood.  What does he think would happen to his relationship with Neal if he kills Henry or lets him die?  Neal would never forgive him and Rumple will have lost his son forever.  I still think they’re interpreting the prophecy incorrectly.

Hook and Bae spent quite a bit of time together in Neverland.  Did Bae know about Hook’s relationship with his mother?  Since Bae was living in that cave, I guess he was never a Lost Boy but he seemed to like Pan when he first met him.  What happened after he got to Neverland?

Henry couldn’t hear the flute at first which meant that he didn’t feel unloved or unwanted.  That seemed to baffle Pan momentarily.  Did it put a snag in his plan?  What did he do to the flute so that Henry could hear it later?  If that’s all it took to get Henry to join the festivities, why hadn’t Pan tried it earlier?

Photo Credit:  GetGlue and ABC


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