Castle – Season 6, Episode 6: “Get A Clue”

Castle: Get a Clue

Second case in a row that’s right up Castle’s alley.  He loves crazy conspiracies and far out theories. Usually, he throws out all these wild ideas and Beckett reins him in.  But, those wild ideas sometimes help Beckett with the case.  Something Castle says or does triggers a normal thought from Beckett that can lead the investigation in a new direction.  This time, most of Castle’s wild ideas were right.

I love what a good team Castle and Beckett make.  In the church, it only took Beckett about five seconds to come around to Castle’s way of thinking.  They both thought the monk was guilty (even if they had different reasons).  The way they bounce thoughts off each other.  They’ve come such a long way from their first case together.

Did I miss, or have I forgotten, when they talked about what a good swordsman Castle is?  Why is he so good with a sword?

I can’t believe Castle got them stuck in the tomb.  Has he learned nothing from Indiana Jones?

Castle’s in a hard place where Alexis is concerned.  I have to say, I agree with Rick that Pi is just odd and not right for her.  On the other hand, Alexis has a right to be upset.  Castle was being a jerk and I thought the deathglare that Alexis gave him might have tempered his snark a bit.  I guess not.  Rick can express his concerns to Alexis when they are alone but he has to be polite to Pi and try to accept him. Alexis is an adult and he may not like her choice but it’s her choice.  He’s going to have to learn to control his reaction when Pi is around.  Support Alexis and when the time is right, she’ll come to him.  Eventually, she will figure it out on her own.

Favorite Line:

  • “My version has more dramatic flair.” — Castle
  • “We’re going to get hepatitis just breathing the air.” — Ryan

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and ABC


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