Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 5: “Good Form”

Once Upon a Time: Good Form

I always suspected that Hook was a better guy than he likes to let on.  I don’t understand the way everyone treats him.  Why did David assume Hook had never had a family?  Why did they all assume he’s always been bad?  Most people (especially on this show) didn’t start out that way.  Hook can be a scoundrel sometimes but he does good things most people wouldn’t expect of him.  So, why do they still constantly treat him like crap?  If anyone believed in him, he might become a better person.

Killian Jones seemed to be a decent guy.  He didn’t want to take that poison back to the king. Even though he’d pledged his loyalty to the crown, he didn’t want to be a part of killing their enemies in such a horrible way.  After what happened to his brother, in his mind, (I guess) becoming a pirate was the more honorable profession.  I think being around Emma is bringing Killian back out in Hook.  He could have taken Pan up on his offer and saved himself but he chose to save David instead.  Of course, he did it for Emma but he didn’t have to.  Emma didn’t know David was dying.

What kind of work did Hook do for Pan in the past?

Hook is right, David is a stubborn ass.  Why should Hook have had to trick David into finding the cure for the poison?  Yes, finding Henry is important, but he’s not helping anyone by dying.  Also, Snow and Emma are strong women who can take care of themselves.  David, more than anyone, knows this.  Why does he keep making decisions for them?  They will be furious when they find out and they will find out.  Now that he’s cured and can’t leave the island, he’s going to have to come clean at some point.  He honestly expects that Snow is going to leave Neverland and leave him behind.

Yay!  Hook and Emma!  Will Hook tell Emma that Neal is alive?

Who’s in the cage next to Neal?  Someone we know or a new person?

Photo Credit:  GetGlue and ABC


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