Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 6: “The Sin Eater”

Sleepy Hollow: The Sin Eater

James Frain is so good at playing bad guys, I have a hard time believing he’s playing a good guy this time.  If the Freemasons are going to be involved from now on, I guess we will find out.  I find a few things about how they handled the situation suspicious.  Why hadn’t they contacted Ichabod before now?  If they hadn’t waited until the last possible minute to talk to him, they wouldn’t have had to resort to kidnapping and they may have been able to come up with a solution other than poison.  Katrina didn’t trust them, she hid his body from them.  In their defense, they didn’t keep Abbie out even though they knew she was going to try and stop Ichabod from drinking the poison.

It was nice to see the deepening bong between Abbie and Ichabod.  Despite her skepticism, Abbie really seems to value Ichabod’s friendship.  His presence also seems to be helping repair the relationship with her sister.  But, they had time to take in a baseball game and still haven’t hit the mall for new clothes and a haircut?

I don’t understand how Ichabod’s guilt over Arthur Bernard’s death was a sin?  People feel guilty about lots of things they do, that doesn’t make them a sin.

Is the Sin Eater linked to The Horseman now?  He said he could feel that The Horseman had woken up.  If he took Ichabod’s sin into himself, wouldn’t The Horseman be able to use him?  How has that improved the situation?  Now, Ichabod doesn’t have to die but The Horseman still has a link to this world.  The bond may even be stronger because of all the other sins that Henry has eaten.

I think The Horseman is Ichabod’s commanding officer.  I know The Horseman could be anyone wearing a British uniform but why the mask if not to hide his identity?  Because Ichabod would have recognized him.  And, in the battle where Ichabod beheaded him, The Horseman seemed to be headed straight for him.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I thought only horses slept standing up!” — Ichabod
  • “My ears shall remain eternally open to your admonition.” — Ichabod

Photo Credit:  Fox and Get Glue


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