The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 5 – “Internment”

The Walking Dead: Internment

Hershel is a bad ass.  That is all.  I could have written just those five words and it would have been enough for this episode.

I see a lot of speculation online that Hershel will die this season.  It seems that whenever an episode focuses on a character, that character meets their end.  Last week’s episode was Carol heavy and she was banished.  Given that, I was worried for Hershel this whole episode.  This was a great heart-thumping, fingers-crossed, jumping up and down in my seat episode.  It definitely kept me on edge and every time things seemed safe, I expected something bad to happen.

I feel like this week’s episode should have had last week’s title, “Indifference.”  There were so many instances of hesitation and mistakes being made.  The walker threat for these people is greater than ever since anyone inside the prison could die and turn and they still don’t seem to take it that seriously.  Do the cells even lock?  I’m pretty sure I saw Hershel close the door on the same person at least twice.  If they can open the door when they are alive, what’s to stop them after they turn?  All they would have to do is accidentally push it the right way and it would open.  Hershel was in such a rush to help Sasha, he didn’t close the door on the dead girl.  They hear a gunshot and Maggie doesn’t immediately go to help?  Rick had to convince her?

Just when I think Lizzie may be making progress in her thinking toward the walkers, she goes and does something weird like play with the puddle of blood.  Where’s her sister, by the way?

Carl is one the best shots they have and Rick still doesn’t want him to help with the walkers.  He only did this week because he had no other choice.  This is the world you live in now, Rick.  Everyone needs to learn how to protect themselves and others.

The Governor!!!  I bet he’s been watching the prison for a while and  leading the walkers to the fence.  He’s not exactly hiding, why hasn’t anyone seen him standing there?

I’m glad Rick and Daryl didn’t have the Carol conversation this episode.  It was already so full, there really wasn’t time to devote to it.  But, I can see a scenario where The Governor attacks before they talk about it and the group gets split up in the chaos.  Maybe they will meet up with Carol without anyone besides Rick, Maggie and Hershel knowing.

I may have more to add to this later, I fell asleep during my second watch while I was taking notes last night.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I propose we have Spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesdays.  First, we have to find spaghetti.” — Hershel


Photo Credit:  Get Glue and AMC



5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 5 – “Internment”

  1. My heart was pumping for him too, especially when he had his back towards the cell door, getting the shotgun and shells. Perfect opportunity for him to get nabbed, and he should have known better.

    I think that the cell doors do lock, but these characters are just too idiotic to lock them. You could blame it on them being sick, but really, they all should have known better. The doctor was the only one with some sense. Honestly, if they have been acting like this the entire zombie apocalypse, it’s amazing that they’ve gotten this far. Now, not everyone should have had to have gone through the horrors that Rick & co. have, but they should have figured out how to handle themselves in a year & a half of Zombieland.

      • Perhaps, but even those that lived in the relative safety of Woodbury should have known how to deal with the walkers before. Remember how last season the Governor said that Woodbury started with like 9 people in a single house? Everyone else they picked up would have had to have used their fight or flight skills to get there.

        It reminds me of the question that the army leader from 28 Days Later asks the main character: “Who did you kill? You can’t have gotten this far without killing someone.”

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