American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 5: “Burn, Witch, Burn”

AHS: Coven: Burn, Witch. Burn!

Just when I start to feel some sympathy for Madame LaLaurie, they show a flashback that kills it. What, exactly, did she do to her daughters?  They weren’t still locked up in the cages by the time they died.  Did she perform her weird experiments on them, or just keep them in there and torture them a bit?  What did she think was going to happen if her zombie daughter did remember her?  Her daughters hated her and she was indirectly responsible for their deaths.  Did she think it was going to be all hugs and puppy dogs?

Who really threw the acid on Cordelia?  I think Fiona might actually think Myrtle had something to do with it, she was hallucinating a lot when she was tripping on all the pills she took.

It never occurred to me that Fiona had Misty’s power.  I know the Supreme has multiple powers but because the Supreme has to be able to perform the “Seven Wonders”, I didn’t think they necessarily had all the powers that other witches have.  I saw her revive Queenie, but I thought she was just unconscious or close to death, not actually dead.  If that’s the case, why is she so afraid of dying? Misty resurrected herself after she was burned at the stake, couldn’t Fiona do the same?

Zoe sure went from wimp to kick-ass in zero flat.  It seems pretty obvious that the show wants us to think that she’s the next Supreme but I’m not so sure.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned watching AHS, it’s that they usually lead you one place and end up in the exact opposite direction.  Is Zoe more powerful than Fiona?  Marie LaVeau said there was some real power in the house now.  Was the chainsaw a nod to Evil Dead?  I really expected Kyle to show up and save her.  Where did he go anyway?

Myrtle’s going to be m-a-a-d when she comes back.  I wonder if she’ll direct her rage directly at Fiona or go after Queenie and the council members as well?  How does Misty know where to go?  She was drawn to Kyle and now to Myrtle.  What’s drawing her to those places?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Fiona wouldn’t like it.  I’d be more scared of her than the things outside.” — Queenie
  • “I doubt it.  You are, after all, the maid.” — Fiona

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and FX


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