Bones – Season 9, Episode 7: “The Nazi on the Honeymoon”

Bones: The Nazi on the Honeymoon

Of course Brennan would hate being on vacation.  But, their honeymoon ended up being perfect for them, a little fun in the sun, a little crime-solving.

Brennan hates when someone comes into her lab and acts like they know more than she does but she did the exact same thing to Dr. Perez.   Brennan didn’t take the other woman’s feelings into consideration.  To her, it was perfectly logical that Dr. Perez would welcome her help.  I was suspicious of Dr. Perez from the start.  First, if Brennan could spot the charring on the bones from a glance at them, Dr. Perez should have definitely seen it.  Second, the killer had to be someone who knew about the burial site.

Since when are Michael Vincent and Christine approximately the same age?  There’s at least a year between them but those kids looked about the same age and older than they should be.

Valenza was a bad influence on Booth.  He started to enjoy doing his work out of the cafe and being a celebrity.  He liked it so much, I’m surprised he wasn’t more upset when Brennan said she was thinking about killing Andy.

Hodgins and Angela want another baby.  Maybe Booth and Brennan will be pregnant around the same time.  How cute would Angela and Temperance going through their pregnancies together be?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Relaxing makes me tense.” — Brennan
  • “You are the worst vacation-taker in the world.” — Angela
  • “I’m a national hero!” — Booth

Photo Credit:  Get Glue and Fox


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