American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 13: “The Seven Wonders”


AHS: Coven: The Seven Wonders

Well, pooh!  I was kind of disappointed with the finale.  It was just so anti-climatic.  That whole last scene, I just kept expecting Fiona to stab Cordelia in the back.  I suspected in the last episode that she had planted a false memory of her death so I really expected more fight from her.

I was happy with Cordelia being the Supreme.  I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be Zoe, that was too obvious.  Also, none of the other candidates were mature enough.  Fiona was probably too young when she became Supreme and never matured after all that power went to her head.  The coven definitely needed someone maternal to guide it and now Cordelia has a place to channel those feelings.

WTF?! Misty Day!  Of all the witches, she least deserved the fate she got.  Every single one of them had killed someone.  Even Nan.  All Misty ever tried to do was help people.  She also got the worst fate.  Is she going to re-live killing the frog forever?

I understand why Fiona was in hell, I don’t understand what Papa Legba was doing there.  He wouldn’t make a deal with her because he said she had no soul.  She didn’t practice VooDoo so he shouldn’t have been the one in charge of her hell.

Kyle is the new Spalding.  They are going to have to do something about his tendency to kill people though.  Especially with all the new girls moving into the house.  I suspect Spalding (where’s the baby?) will help him though, he’s always been about protecting the coven.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Balenciaga!!!” — Myrtle
  • “What is this?  Knotty Pine?!” — Fiona

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American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 11: “Protect the Coven”


AHS: Coven: Protect the Coven

Why, exactly, did Queenie even go back to the coven?  She really seems to strongly dislike or outright hate everybody there.  She was mean to Cordelia who has done nothing but be nice to her.

Where was Misty?  Everyone else’s powers have been getting stronger, hers should too.  She should have been able to get out of that crypt by now.

I was pretty disappointed in the turn with Delphine.  I think I mentioned in another post that I thought it was an interesting puzzle as to who was more awful Delphine or Marie and how 200 years could change someone.  I know a lot of people were upset that the show seemed to be softening a truly horrible person, but this is a fictional version of Madame LaLaurie.  This episode completely ruined that.  What was the point of trying to make her sympathetic if this was going to be the end result?  Why not make her horrible all the time?

I knew when I saw the description for this episode that Cordelia was going to get rid of those eyes somehow.  Yuck!

Spalding has a real “doll” now but, being a ghost, will he be able to care for it properly?  I hope it doesn’t starve to death.

All the young witches suddenly having powers they didn’t before is getting a little old.  I thought the whole point of the next Supreme was that one witch would become more powerful.

I don’t have much hope of Kyle and Zoe getting away unscathed.

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I alluded in my last Doctor Who post that there was a reason it was taking me so long with posts.  I started this blog because sometimes I have a lot of thoughts after an episode of a series and it’s too much to post in a discussion on a fan board or someone’s else’s blog.  But, I’ve made a mistake in thinking I have to post on every episode of every show I watch.  It’s starting to ruin my enjoyment of those shows and I’ve gotten way behind on a few of them.  Whenever I sit down to watch something, I think “Oh, I don’t feel like or have time to make notes right now.” and move on to something I don’t blog about.  Also, sometimes, it’s difficult to find anything to say.  There are a lot of enjoyable episodes that just don’t spark an “OMG, I have questions/comments!” moment.  Especially with procedural shows like Bones or Castle.

So, I’ve made a decision.  I’m not going to stop blogging but I’m not going to force myself to write about every show.  I’m going to watch an episode and if I have something to say afterward, I’ll post.  If not, I won’t.  There are certain shows like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and True Blood that I’ll probably post about every episode.

I did get caught up on a few shows over the holidays, though and I may go back and write about a couple of them later on.

Doctor Who – “The Time of the Doctor”


      Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor

It took me a while to get around to this.  There are two reasons.  The first, I’ll get to in a later post.  The second is, even though David Tennant is my Doctor, I came to love Matt Smith nearly as much and it was sad seeing him go.  Let’s dive in.

Did everyone notice that Clara lives in the same apartments that Rose and Jackie lived in?  It was nice to see Clara’s family but who was Linda?  I gathered that she was probably Clara’s step-mother but it was never said and she could very well have been an aunt.  Gran really seemed to like naked Doctor.  The actress who played Gran is Sheila Reid who played Etta in “Vengeance on Varos.”  If you watched the Revisiting the Doctors episodes, that was the episode they showed for Colin Baker.

Someone please correct me on this but…since when is the Tardis capable of teleporting?

I’m confused about The Silence.  They’ve always been portrayed as bad guys that were manipulating humans.  The Doctor told Clara that they are priests.  When did they become his enemy?  Were they part of the branch that broke away that Tasha Lem mentioned?

If The Doctor had left Trenzalore, would all of his enemies have backed off or would they have all just hung around forever?  Or would they have immediately attacked because he wasn’t there to protect Christmas?  By his not leaving, did he start the war he had been hoping to avoid the whole time?  If The Time Lords come back to this universe, that will start a war.  Does that mean The Doctor can never see Gallifrey again?  Seems a shame since he did so much to save it.

Why did The Doctor age so much?  For roughly 200 years, he’d looked exactly the same (established in The Impossible Astronaut) but in the approximately 500 years he was on Trenzalore, his appearance aged drastically.  At first, I thought it was because he’d been away from the Tardis (and the time vortex) for 300 years before it showed back up with Clara.  But, the Tardis was with him during the last few hundred years so that can’t be it.  Also, was Eleven the longest incarnation of The Doctor?  If you add up all the time from Christmas plus how old he’s stated he is, that’s at least 700 years.

Poor Handles.

The last scene between Eleven and Clara was so sad.  I liked this regeneration better than Ten’s.  I recently re-watched his and it was just so lonely.  At least Eleven had a friend there with him.  The actual change was too abrupt though.  I know the regeneration had been in progress for a while but we’ve always seen The Doctor morph from one face to the next.  This one was just “POP!  New Face!”

I’ve thought since they introduced him that I’m going to like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.  He’s got the right sparkle to his eye but that scene was too brief for me to get a real handle on him.

Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith


Favorite Lines:

  • “He’s Swedish.” — Clara
  • “I think a decent vet would give it an even chance.” — The Doctor
  • “Your ears are like rocket fins.”  “I know.  (goofy grin)” — Clara and The Doctor


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