True Blood – Season 7, Episode 10: “Thank You”

True Blood Series Finale

 Ok, I’ve had a week to mellow out about it.  Hmm…nope, still pissed.

All I could think about watching the ending of True Blood is “Alcide died for this bullshit?!!!”  I mean, really.  I applaud the show for actually going there and allowing Bill to die but I was less than pleased with the ending.

While I was happy to see Hoyt and Jessica get married, I felt like they spent WAY too much time on the wedding.  Some of that time could have been spent expanding the flash forward.  For example, it would have been nice to see Lafayette at all but at least we could have gotten a glimpse at his and James’ relationship.  Same goes for Arlene and Keith.  They’re still together 4-5 years later but how have they handled Arlene being Hep-V positive?  What has Willa been up to?  She was in the flash forward but we haven’t really seen her since Eric released her.  Maybe Sam could have gotten a proper good-bye.  It would have been nice to know that maybe Eric and Sookie have stayed friends.

Watching the wedding, it occurred to me that, possibly, Andy forgave Jessica a little too quickly/easily.  In True Blood time, it’s probably been about 2-3 weeks since Jessica ate his daughters but, there he was, performing her wedding.  I realize that her protecting Adilyn went a long way to smooth the situation over but still.

The death of Bill…First, even though he allowed himself to die because he believed it was best for Sookie, he was incredibly selfish about the whole thing.  I sort of understand him asking Sookie to use her light to kill him.  He wanted her to have a normal life and he knew losing her fairy powers could make that easier.  But, when she said she didn’t want to lose that part of herself, he should have let her off the hook.  Did he not think that staking him would be traumatic for her?  Why couldn’t he just have laid there in his grave until the sun came up?

Of course, my main problem with the ending is Sookie ending up with some random guy.  Bill wanted her to have a normal life but that could have been possible with Alcide.  Since she didn’t give up her powers, he would be better able to protect her.  They could have had children together (who wouldn’t necessarily have been wolves since they would only be half). Alcide seemed to be pretty understanding about Bill being Sookie’s first love.  When he became sick, I think he would have accepted Sookie needing to take care of him in his last days.  She didn’t need to sleep with Bill to show she loved him. Then she would have been able to fully commit herself to her relationship with Alcide.

I realize the show couldn’t make everyone happy but they could have put a bit more thought into the final season.

Photo Credit: TV Tag and HBO


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