Castle – Season 6, Episode 1: “Valkyrie”


Castle Season 6 Premiere


She said yes!  As if there was ever any doubt?  This is a real, solid couple.  He supports her and lifts her up, not hold her back.

Kate’s in a different position now.  Before she was BWOC, like the Senior Homecoming queen.  Now, she’s like the Freshman college student.  She knows she can do it but she’s still trying to get her bearings.  Her new partner seems nice.  Glad to see that she isn’t just a resentful bitch trying to show Kate she doesn’t belong there.  That happens too much in TV/movies.  For every bitch in real life, there are so many more women who are supportive of each other.

Poor Castle!  He wants Kate to succeed but he just can’t help his natural curiosity gets the better of him.  He was having trouble adjusting to the “new normal” but he tried putting his feelings aside for Kate.  And of course, it’s gotten him into big trouble.

Alexis’ boyfriend has got to go.  She’s too smart for an idiot like that.  He seems sweet, but dumb.

Not enough Martha, Ryan and Esposito and NO Lainie!


Favorite Line:  “You’re swaddling that doll right now, aren’t you?” — Castle


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Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”


Random thought from opening fight scene:  *Creepy mask guy is creepy.*  I also thought of the Monty Python sketch where the two knights are fighting in the forest.  “No, it’s only a scratch.” “Only a scratch?!  You’re headless!”

The scene where Ichabod nearly gets run over reminds me a bit of Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.  There is a really similar scene in it.

Opening credits song:  Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones – Excellent Song Choice


So excited to see Clancy Brown!  The next scene, I tweeted this “Be careful” is usually a bad sign for the person who says it. Hope I’m wrong.”  I’ll be damned if I wasn’t.  Abbie finding the tapes Corbin (is that right?) made gives me hope he’ll be back in flashbacks.  I’ve loved Clancy Brown since he was The Kurgan in the original Highlander movie.

I knew there was something up with the priest as soon as I saw him.  After finding out that the Sheriff was on to the supernatural happenings in Sleepy Hollow, the looks the priest was giving him have a bit more context.  Hopefully, we’ll find out more about that.

I love that Ichabod is being played as a bit of a smartass and isn’t completely bumfuzzled by the present time.  I have to question how smart he is though when he’s locked in a jail cell and starts talking about killing someone.  From the Revolutionary War or not, you’ve got to know that admitting to beheading someone is not a good move.

I don’t understand how their police department works.  Where I’m from, the Sheriff’s department and the police department are not the same.  Sheriff is the county law enforcement, police is city.  They help each other out, but the leadership and officers are completely separate entities.  So, if Abbie’s partner was the Sheriff, why does it seem like Orlando Jones is her boss?

Speaking of which, I don’t trust Orlando Jones’ character (didn’t catch his name).  He has suspicious crazy eyes.  He’s either a bad guy, clueless or like Renard on Grimm.  Knows the score, not a bad guy or good guy, just out for himself.

The Horseman adapted to modern weapons pretty quickly.

I really liked this show.  Keeping my fingers crossed that Fox actually gives it a chance.  Looks like it’s going to be a wild ride.

Favorite Lines:

  • “First I shot him. Beheading him seemed like the next logical step.” — Ichabod
  • “You think he can hear us?”  “How the hell should I know?” — Random Police Officers

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True Blood – Season 6, episode 1


True Blood Season 6 Premiere

So, one of my favorite shows is back tonight.  One of the things I love so much about True Blood is the pace.  Every episode seems to zoom by and, at the end, I’m always wanting more.

This ep started off with a bang.  I loved the way the whole sequence before the credits was handled, going back and forth between Bilith’s point of view and the action.

There was a lot going on in this episode and I loved the humor injected into the scenes to lighten some of the drama.  It looks like Andy’s storyline is going to be the one to keep the episodes from all being too dark.

I’m excited to see where the Bilith storyline is going to go.  I’ve always liked Bill and I hope that, eventually, he’ll be able to keep his humanity.

Sookie and Eric broke my heart a little tonight.  I’ve never been a Sookie/Eric shipper but it was still a great scene.

Dealing with vampires, blood is a pretty common element in this show.  I’ve never had a problem with any of it.  I was grossed out by pretty much every werewolf scene last night.  Seeing Alcide bite into that arm as a human and not wolf was pretty icky.

The whole political storyline with the Governor of Louisiana drags it down for me a bit.  I like Arliss Howard and he’s great as the Governor but that stuff took me out of the episode.

Favorite lines (paraphrased):

  • Naked, evil Superman — Jason
  • Fish piss and sand in your cooch. — Pam
  • Well, hog tits, Arlene! — Andy

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