True Blood – Season 7, Episode 2: “I Found You”


True Blood: I Found You

I’m a bit confused about the Hep-V vamps.  At the end of last season, it seemed like they were a mindless bunch of near zombie vampires.  Now, they’re an organized group of intelligent vamps with a plan.  And what happened to Betty?  I assume she hadn’t been feeding like she should because she still seemed to have a conscience about what they were doing.

That opening scene was totally a wink at the fans.  I didn’t find it believable though because there is no way Eric is a bottom. 😉

I read some comments online that thought Sookie should have broken up with Alcide because of the thought he had last episode.  Those were mostly from Sookie/Bill or Sookie/Eric shippers so their comments don’t hold much weight.  Who hasn’t had the off-hand negative thought about a loved one when they’re mad?  Is that any reason to break up with them?  Plus, look how understanding Alcide is being about Bill.  He knows Sookie was thinking about him and seemed to be okay with it.

Shouldn’t Sam or Alcide have smelled the giant pit of dead bodies?

Why was Adalind’s fairy light purple?  I’ve only ever seen them be white.

If Eric dies, I fear True Blood will have a riot on their hands.


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Grimm – Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2: “The Ungrateful Dead” and “PTZD”


Grimm Season 3 Premiere

I’m so glad they were able to wrap up Zombie!Nick in a couple of episodes.  I know there will be lingering effects but I didn’t want to spend half the season with Nick on a rampage.  He didn’t seem to be as rage-y as the other people that had been affected.  They just randomly attacked anyone and everyone.  Nick stopped and listened to things first.

When Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee were throwing people off the top of those storage containers, I wonder how many of them died?  That was quite a distance to fall.

After the plane crashed, why did they show us the empty coffin?  We already knew Nick wasn’t in it, he got out before the crash.

Grimm: PTZD

For a Hexenbiest, Adalind is awfully squeamish.  I’m kind of over her storyline.  I like the actress but I feel like her character is kind of played out.  Since they killed (or did they?) Captain Renard’s brother, I guess they need someone to stir up trouble though.

The gang is trying to protect Nick, but he was seen by a lot of people.  He’s a police officer so it’s possible those people will see him again and recognize him.  What happens then?

How will Nick handle killing someone?  The video showed that it was, basically, self-defense but that guy wouldn’t have attacked Nick if he hadn’t come in seeing red.

Speaking of the video, what’s Renard going to do with it?  He’s done a pretty good job of helping Nick and the gang but I feel like his motives still aren’t quite known.  Is he really a good guy or is he trying to take over his family business?  Will he use that video against Nick at some point?

Favorite Lines:

  • “I’m going to have to throw the carpet away.   You just can’t get Hexenbiest blood out of anything.” — Stefania
  • “I wish I could do that.” — Hank
  • “I gotta feel better than you guys.” — Juliette

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 2 – “Infected”


The Walking Dead: Infected

I figured out why Rick didn’t put down the crazy chick in the woods after she died last week.  I don’t think he’s killed a walker since the end of last season.  I understand why he wouldn’t want to kill a person after what Carl did but after everything he’s lost because of the walkers, why does he hesitate to kill them?  Even at the fence, with it nearly ready to fall down, he started out slowly, pausing to look at each walker before he killed it.

Congrats, Carol on adding to your family.  The only thing I could think of when Ryan was asking her to take care of his girls like they were her own, was that she didn’t do such a good job of that with Sophia.  That’s horrible and it wasn’t her fault.  Carol has become so much stronger since then.  That was pretty evident when she took Ryan into the cell and was like “Be calm, I’m going to cut your arm off.”  It was even more apparent by watching her mother her new girls.  “You’re weak” isn’t exactly the most motherly thing to say.  One of those girls is nuts, though.  I think her name is Lindsay.  She was more upset about her favorite walker being killed when she just watched her father die.  Her sister, Mica, is pretty smart.  She was looking at her sister like she’d just lost her last marble.

Speaking of mothers, I think Michonne had a kid.  When she first started grimacing at Judith’s crying, I thought maybe she was sick and just more sensitive to the sound.  When she took Judith and her lip started trembling, I knew she’d lost a child.  I wonder if the walkers she had on chains had anything to do with it?  How cute was Judith playing with the cups?  Anyone else think she sounded like a walker when she was babbling in the background?  I would think she’s probably heard them if they ever take her outside.  Babies imitate what they hear.  I also think I may have heard her cough right before she started crying.  Uh-oh.

Poor piglets!  I know they had to go, especially since they may be carriers of the virus but couldn’t Rick at least slit their throats first?  The walkers would have still gone for them, it was fresh blood and the poor babies wouldn’t have suffered so much.

I liked seeing the council meeting.  I was wondering how that dynamic worked.  I wonder how Sasha ended up on the council?  Other than her, it’s made up of the people that have been together for a while.  She’s new and no one knows her very well.  I would like to see how they chose who was going to be on the council.

The guns are back.  Rick made a pretty fast turnaround about them.  When the cell block was being attacked, I saw him reach for his gun belt, which wasn’t there.  Then, someone hands him a gun and he immediately hands it off to someone else.  Carl ran off with his gun like a kid who got a puppy for Christmas.  I’m not sure, but I think that scene also marked the end of Rick’s sheriff shirt.

I’m glad that they were able to figure out that there’s a virus killing people.  With all the carnage from the attack, I was afraid they’d think that someone had been bitten and not told anyone.  Then, there could have been a lot more deaths.  But, did two walkers cause all that damage?  Patrick died and rose an hour or so later.  He went and knawed on the guy in the cell for most of the night and that guy turned.  From the time those two walkers came out of the cell until the people outside heard the boom, it couldn’t have been that long but there seemed to be a lot more walkers.

We’ve got two mysteries to solve.  First, who’s feeding rats to the walkers and WHY would they do that?  I thought it could be Lindsay but I don’t think it can be a kid.  Whoever it is would have to be able to get the inside gate open to get to the outer fence where the walkers are.  I guess it’s possible a kid could do it because Carl can work the gate.  Second, who drug Karen and the other guy’s bodies outside and burned them?  Also, were they already dead when they did it or did the mystery person kill them?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Haven’t seen anyone be lucky in a long time.” — Bob

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American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 2: “Boy Parts”



Jim!  I’m pretty sure one of the gator killers was Jim from The Walking Dead.  I wondered what happened to him.  😉

So, does Fiona control those two police officers forever or was it just temporary?  I wasn’t sure if she used a mind control spell or a memory spell.

If Zoe is the weakest among the witches, Madison has to be the dumbest.  Why would she take Zoe along on her excursion to the morgue when she so easily spilled her guts to the police?  On top of that, didn’t Fiona warn them to stop being sloppy and stupid?  So, Madison’s answer to that is to steal a spell, break into the morgue, sew a body together and resurrect it?  Fiona threw them against the wall for their last “accident,” what does Madison think she’ll do when she finds out about this?

The authorities keep a really close eye on the morgue.  Madison and Zoe had to have been there for hours before anyone showed up.

Misty Day could be the best friend Zoe ever has.  “So, uh, Misty.  I was thinking about having sex tonight.  Do you think you could be near by?”

I think there was a better way for Marie Laveau to punish Madame LaLaurie.  Her family didn’t deserve to be killed.  Yes, they helped her but not willingly.  I’m sure they were terrified of her.  Wouldn’t a better punishment have been for Madame LaLaurie to have to watch her loved ones grow old and die?

Miss Pittypat and Sabrina the Teenaged Cracker, lol.

I have a feeling that the ritual Cordelia performed is going to turn out badly.  Almost everything I’ve read or watched involving magic says that it has a price and blood magic is dangerous.  Cordelia’s ritual involved blood AND sex.  Either a sacrifice is going to be required (that she wasn’t aware of) and her husband is going to die or she’s going to get pregnant with some sort of demon baby.  Just a prediction and I’ll probably end up being wrong because I can hardly ever guess where this show is going to go.

Ok, so let me see if I can get this straight.  The original witch was a (presumably black) woman named Tituba who practiced Voodoo.  She somehow gave or taught her powers to white women in Salem.  Eventually, that led to two different lines of magic practitioners, Voodoo queens and witches.  From Fiona and Marie’s conversation, it seems that the two lines don’t get along and may actively fight with each other.  If that’s true, why is Queenie going to the school?  She said she descended from Tituba and she’s a human Voodoo doll.  Also, why does Fiona seem to be more powerful than Marie?

What exactly brought Kyle back?  Was it the ritual itself, Zoe’s kiss or Misty?  Misty said she was drawn to the morgue.  I assume the spell was what drew her.  Does Misty have to touch something to bring it back?  Was it a combination of Misty and the ritual?  She told Zoe she’d heal him.   Will he look more normal or still have all those ugly seams?

I could have quoted Kathy Bates’ whole speech from the last scene in my favorite lines.  The whole thing was sad and funny at the same time.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Did we just marry the devil ’cause I don’t know if I’m down with that?” — Zoe
  • “You’ve got a mean streak wider than your backside.” — Fiona
  • “Him, I didn’t care about.  I’d been planning on killing him for weeks.” — Madame LaLaurie

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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 2: “Lost Girl”


Once Upon a Time: Lost Girl

I think Rumple is mis-interpreting the prophecy.  Usually, prophesies are worded to be tricky.  I don’t think Henry will literally be the death of Rumple but of the bad part of him.  Even with Belle, he sometimes struggles between right and wrong.  Henry might be the key to “killing” the Dark One but not Rumple himself.

Sometimes I think the show tries to hard to bring legends into the show.  If they were going to deal with the legend of Excalibur, I’d much rather have seen Merlin and Lancelot.  But, since it was a fake Excalibur, I guess that’s still possible.

Of course Emma considers herself an orphan.  Even if it was unintentional, that’s what she is.  I’ve always thought Snow and Charming were a little pushy with the “We’re all a happy family!” business.  Unlike Henry, Emma has had 28 years to build that wall around her.  Even though I think she understands what happened, that doesn’t just immediately take away those feelings of being abandoned.  That resentment she feels is deep-rooted.  A child can get over that hurt a little easier.

Charming is pretty stupid.  His stubbornness led to him accidentally poisoning himself.  Of course, I’m sure the show won’t let him die.  I kind of wish they would.  Snow is already struggling with that dark place in her heart.  Imagine how much darker it could be.

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 2: “Dreamworld”


Castle: Dreamworld


I like Kate’s partner (I still don’t know her name yet).  She’s ballsy.  I know I hit on this last time.  I like that she sees the potential in Kate and has her back.  And she’s not so hard-nosed she couldn’t offer a few words of comfort to Castle.  I’m sure Kate will be back at the NYPD soon but I’ll be sorry to see Lisa Edelstein go.

Hi, Glenn Morshower!  I’d seen him in stuff but never really paid attention or knew his name.  I went to a horror con last spring and he just showed up unannounced to meet fans.  I thought that was pretty cool so now I notice him.  Even if his character was a dick, lol.  He nearly got his wife killed trying to save his own ass and reputation.

OMG!  The scene where Castle was talking to his mother and was trying not to let on that anything was wrong and his mother figured it out anyway!  I nearly burst into tears.  They don’t have the most normal mother/son relationship but she still knew her boy was in trouble.

Enough with the Castle and Beckett being in danger.  Although it’s always nice to see them worrying about each other, they have enough drama in their lives without it.

Still not enough Ryan and Esposito but it looks like they are going to make up for it next week.


Favorite Line:

  • “Somtimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.” — Castle

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Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 2: “Blood Moon”


Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon

When are they going to get Ichabod some new clothes?  The ones he’s wearing are over 200 years old and I can’t imagine they smell too good since he was dead and buried all that time.

Andy’s head on backwards was gross.  Closed captioning said the creature was speaking Greek and then it was brought up later in the episode.  Will Greek mythology play a part in the mystery/mysteries?  John Cho is listed as a guest star and IMDB doesn’t show him in any other episodes (not that they’re always correct).  I hope to see more of him because I’m really curious about Andy.  How did he get involved with the bad guys because he seems almost decent.  He tried to save Abbie and kept apologizing to the people that Serilda was going to kill.  He also seemed reluctant to help but, now that he’s dead, I guess he has no choice.

Yay, Clancy Brown was back!  Seems like August may be Abbie’s guide like Katrina is Ichabod’s.  Abbie has a bit of a shell around her and August breaks that down so I hope to see him back again.  I’m liking Ichabod and Abbie’s developing friendship though.  Abbie can be a bit of a Scully but Ichabod is totally a Mulder so he’s keeping her from dismissing what she’s seen.  And, from all the sticky notes in the hotel room, it seems that Abbie is trying to help Ichabod adapt to present times.

I was a bit torn about how quickly they were able to deal with Serilda.  On the one hand, it would have been bad if she was able to regain her body.  She could have wreaked a lot of havoc on Sleepy Hollow.  But, and maybe this is Buffy spoiling me a bit, I feel like they need a central bad guy (or Big Bad) to go up against.  One with a face.  There has to be someone/something setting everything into motion.  I don’t think the creature is in charge, I think he works for someone else.  I’m sure the story is leading up to a reveal.

A few questions:  Why didn’t anybody notice that a police car was missing?  Why didn’t anyone hear Ichabod breaking down the wall and come to investigate?  The nurse giving meds to Abbie’s sister didn’t check under her tongue?  That’s always the first place I’d look.

Oh, I was pretty disappointed that the show had standard opening credits this week and no Rolling Stones.  😦  Also, the production values in TV shows are just getting better and better.  When Ichabod was running through the forest in his dream, I thought “This could be a movie, it looks so good.”

Favorite Lines:

  • “No, what’s insane is a 10% levy on baked goods.” — Ichabod
  • “I will literally pay you to stop talking.” — Abbie


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