True Blood – Season 7, Episodes 3, 4 & 5


I was on vacation so I didn’t get to write about last weeks’ episode and, well, the week before that, I was just too mad so, whoever reads these gets three eps this week.

Fire in the Hole

True Blood: Fire in the HoleI wasn’t going to write about this episode.  If I don’t write about it, it didn’t really happen, right?  I think I might have mentioned before that while most people seem to be on Team Bill or Team Eric, I am firmly on Team Alcide.  It shouldn’t be too hard to guess what my reaction was to the end of this episode.  What really pissed me off the most was Sookie’s conversation with Bill.  Why have her talk about how she doesn’t think she loves Alcide as much as he loves her if he’s going to die later in the episode?  That was totally unnecessary and kind of bitchy.  He deserved a better death too.  We deserved a last Alcide/Sookie scene.

As humorous as I find Eric and Pam’s flashback do’s and fashion, the storyline with his human love seemed pointless.  I also feel like it kind of takes away from his relationship with Sookie.  I realize now that it was to introduce the Yakuza but couldn’t they have come up with something better?

Death Is Not The End

True Blood: Death Is Not the End

Thank God the Hep-V storyline is over!  I’m glad they wrapped it up so quickly even though it seems like they’re rushing this season a bit.  Considering it is the final season, couldn’t we have gotten a few more episodes?  

I liked all the old characters they’ve brought back in the last couple of episodes.  Nan last week, Hoyt, The Magister, Ginger, Terry (*sniff*) and Jackson this week.  I will be curious to see who else they may be able to fit in.

This week’s Eric and Pam flashback was great. The two of them running a video store together was priceless.  The thing that bugged me though is there is no way Ginger is smart enough to have come up with the idea behind Fangtasia.  Seven seasons and she’s never had the brains God gave a chicken and suddenly she was a thoughtful college student who lost all sense just from meeting Eric?

True Blood: Lost Cause

I was glad for this episode.  I was afraid with everything going on and the things that need to happen before the end of the season that all the deaths would be glossed over.  Maybe losing Alcide made Sookie realize how much she really loved him because her grief and mourning seemed genuine.  I was glad that when Jackson was eavesdropping that drunk Sookie didn’t slip up and say something stupid.  I bawled when she slipped her arms into Alcide’s coat.

I like where most of the relationships on the show are headed.  I don’t care much for Violet with Jason.  I’m iffy on her character.  She’s not an evil vamp but she’s unstable so that makes her dangerous.  I would love to see Jason and Jessica stay together.  I want to see Lafayette happy, I just wish his hookup with James had happened differently.

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 4 – “Indifference”


The Walking Dead: Indifference

Carol‘s just gone?  At least she’s not dead.  She can (and I suspect will) come back.  I don’t think we’ll see her again at the prison.  I do think that something is going to happen to make the group have to leave the prison eventually and we’ll see Carol then.  Rick told her to find a new group and I bet that’s where we will see Carol again.

I wonder if exiling Carol is what Rick had in mind from the start of the trip or if spending the day with her is what prompted it?  She kept wanting to talk about what she did when Rick clearly didn’t, like picking at a scab that won’t heal.  It was clear from the look on Rick’s face that several of the things she said during the day disturbed him.  Rick, if anyone, should understand where she is now.  For a time, he was hard and cold, making difficult decisions.  Realizing he needed to rein it in for the sake of his kids brought back his humanity.  Carol doesn’t have a child anymore.  She’s not completely cold (she fixed Sams’ arm), she just does what she thinks is in the best interest of the group.  I think her blase attitude about Ana and Sam may have been what clinched it for Rick.

I also can’t believe Rick went off and left the sick people in the prison with only Maggie and Carl for protection.

It will be interesting to see what the reaction of the group is if Rick tells them the truth.  Tyreese will probably be mad because Rick let Carol go.  He very obviously wanted to deal out justice to the killer himself.  What qualifies as justice in times like that, though?  The rules of what’s right and wrong are so very different.  Carol did the wrong thing for all the right reasons.  She thought she was ending their suffering and protecting everyone else.  Does that mean she deserves to die?  Daryl was closest to Carol of anyone and he’s taken the time to get to know everyone else.  He’s tired of losing people and he wasn’t okay with the deaths of Karen and David when he didn’t know who did it.  How will he feel when he finds out it was Carol?  I feel like more people than Rick thinks will be okay with what Carol did.  They may not have the stomach to do it themselves but could see that it maybe needed to be done.

Bob and Tyreese are dangerous.  They are too unstable to go on runs.  Tyreese is volatile and unpredictable.  He lets his feelings get the better of him and endangers everyone else.  Like I said before, Bob is an alcoholic and the need for a drink gets in the way of his better sense.  I was so sure there was medicine in that bag he was so desperate to hang on to.  He could have gotten himself or someone else killed and then he threatened to pull a gun on Daryl.

Daryl staring Bob down like the alpha dog in a pack was great.  Bob cowed down to him just like a submissive dog would.  I’ll say again how far Daryl has come.  Before, he was content to follow along and help but he’s definitely stepped into the role of a leader.  He may even be a better leader than Rick.

Why did Sam and Ana split up?  What happened to Sam?

Someone said the veterinary school was about 50 miles from the prison.  Under normal circumstances, that would take 1 – 1 1/2 hours to drive.  Why did Michonne say it would take them seven hours to get home?

Favorite Lines:

  • “You can be a farmer, Rick, you can’t just be a farmer.” — Carol
  • “You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat your ass into the ground.” — Daryl

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American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 4: “Fearful Pranks Ensue”


AHS: Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensue

Ooh, those racist dudes messed with the wrong family.  Why were they hiding out in that barn?  Back in those days, stuff like that happened a lot and nothing was done.  Who were they hiding from?  Are those zombies in the “BRAINS!” sense?  They were physically attacking the bad guys but I’m not sure if I saw them eat anyone.

I guess Queenie got a little more than she bargained for when she asked Bastien to love her.  Why was Fiona so determined to save Queenie?  A few minutes earlier, she’d been all “Oops, I seem to have killed Madison.  Get rid of her.”  I fully expected Fiona to put her out of her misery instead of helping her.

What’s up with Cordelia’s husband other than he’s an asshole?  Is he an assassin?  The way he killed that girl (Kaylee?  Was that the actress that played the young Moira in the first season?) seemed professional.  He had a silencer.

When someone finally finds Alecia’s body, isn’t the fact that Zoe was running in and out of the house going to draw attention?  Did she ever find Kyle?  He disappeared and the next time we see her, she’s being interviewed by the Council.  Where did he go?

What’s Nan’s game?  Why did she call the Council directly about Madison and not go to Cordelia first?  If she was in the house at the time Madison died, does she know what happened?  She seems to be able to hear everyone no matter where they are in the house.

Cordelia really doesn’t have any of the cunning that Fiona does.  She just kept digging that hole deeper.  If Fiona hadn’t come in, Cordelia would have spilled everything she knew.  Maybe ask the Council why they’re there before you start running your mouth?

Leslie Jordan!  I love him.  His characters are always so bitchily funny.

Spalding cut out his own tongue so he wouldn’t be able to testify against Fiona?  Maybe he should have told her why first.  Frances Conroy was so great in the Council scene.  Maybe Myrtle should have bewitched Spalding’s hands before she questioned him.  Although, he told the truth so I guess she would’ve been pissed anyway.

Marie LeVeau is justifying a new war because of what Fiona did to Bastien but she’s really to blame.  Marie sent him to the school and he nearly killed one of the girls.  Yes, Fiona provoked Marie by sending Bastien’s head back to her (anyone else see the head blink?) but what did she think would happen?

If Misty Day shows up, can she heal the zombies?  If she can, does she restore their full health or would they just be alive corpses?  What I’m really saying, I guess, is can she reverse the decomposition?  And won’t Spalding crap his pants if Madison suddenly comes alive?

Favorite Lines:

  • “I so enjoy our talks.  Particularly since you lost your tongue.” — Fiona
  • “If she’s dead, it’s probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a hand job or something.” — Queenie
  • “I’ve got a book of matches in my pocket and I’m just dying to light it.” — Myrtle

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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 4: “Nasty Habits”


Once Upon a Time: Nasty Habits

Why, exactly, has Gold been wandering on his own?  I know he told Neal it was because the others might not be able to do what needs to be done but that doesn’t sound plausible.  Obviously Regina would do anything and I think Emma would too, to protect Henry.  What’s he really up to?

Charming is stupid and selfish.  He needs to tell Snow and Emma about the poison.  Don’t they deserve the chance to tell him goodbye if he’s really going to die?  And what if Tinkerbelle or Regina can think of a cure?

I get the feeling that Pan has been pulling strings for quite a while and not just on the island.  He seems to know an awful lot about everyone.  How did Rumple know Pan when he was a boy?  He wasn’t a Lost Boy, Pan came up with that name after Rumple became the Dark One.

Rumple was willing to die for Henry when he thought  Neal was dead but, now that he’s not, Rumple’s not so sure?  Either way Henry is his grandson, his blood.  What does he think would happen to his relationship with Neal if he kills Henry or lets him die?  Neal would never forgive him and Rumple will have lost his son forever.  I still think they’re interpreting the prophecy incorrectly.

Hook and Bae spent quite a bit of time together in Neverland.  Did Bae know about Hook’s relationship with his mother?  Since Bae was living in that cave, I guess he was never a Lost Boy but he seemed to like Pan when he first met him.  What happened after he got to Neverland?

Henry couldn’t hear the flute at first which meant that he didn’t feel unloved or unwanted.  That seemed to baffle Pan momentarily.  Did it put a snag in his plan?  What did he do to the flute so that Henry could hear it later?  If that’s all it took to get Henry to join the festivities, why hadn’t Pan tried it earlier?

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 4: “Number One Fan”


Castle: Number One Fan

I never found the time to blog about the last episode (“Need To Know”).  I didn’t have a whole lot to say about it anyway.  Mainly, I’m glad Kate is back in NY but wish they’d gone with a different reason.  I was hoping she’d realize she missed being a police officer and being able to make an impact for the victims and their families and missed working with her team and Castle and decide to quit on her own.  Her getting fired, and the reason why, was kind of lame.  Still, it was very sweet of Castle to offer to move for her.

Pi has got to go!  Who barges into someone’s room with out knocking, especially when A) they are a GUEST and B) the room belongs to a couple who could be doing couple-y things?  The fact that he had been standing outside their room listening is doubly creepy.  I really hope this is a phase Alexis is going through in reaction to her dad’s engagement.  That doesn’t make much sense to me since she has always liked Kate but, honestly, I’m at a loss for any other reason.

Kate needs to work.  Obviously, as Rick pointed out, she doesn’t have to because he has more than enough money to support them.  But, but being a cop isn’t just a job to Kate, it’s a passion.  She needs to help people and see that justice is done.  I know it started out because of her mother, but I think it’s become much more than that to her.  If she hadn’t gotten reinstated to the force, she could have become a consulting PI like Sherlock.

I really didn’t like Captain Gates when she first came on.  I loved Captain Montgomery and I realize she was so much different than him to bring a different vibe to the team and shake it up a bit.  Still, I found her hard and a bit grating.  The fact that she didn’t like Castle didn’t endear her to me much either.  But, as she’s gotten to know her people, I’ve seen her soften a bit.  She really has their back and to see her finagle a way for Kate to get back on the force was pretty awesome.

I don’t usually have much to say about the cases themselves.  To me, they’re usually just filler.  This week, the scene when Emma met her father for the first time, made me tear up.  As to the murderer, you’d think a lawyer would be smart enough not to keep anything incriminating in his house.

Finally, YAY! Lainie!

Favorite Line:

  • “She dotted the I!” — Castle

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 4: “Eye Spy”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Eye Spy

All those guys with red masks and briefcases and no one blinks an eye, yet, apparently, every one was taking pictures?  I saw maybe ten.  Also, the diamond carriers were sent on 25 different routes but five of them end up on the same train?  In the same car?

Coulson stated that three agents were sent in on the mission that Amador went missing.  She said she’d been in a cage for four years before a team came in and “rescued” her and operated on her.  Was she captured by one set of bad guys then taken from them by another?  If the people who originally captured her are the same ones that were controlling her, what made them choose her?  Was it just her bad (good?) luck that she wasn’t killed or did they kill the other two and purposely keep her?  I guess whoever was behind the eye cameras is going to be the big bad, yeah?

I like the different relationships that are going on within the team.  Coulson and Skye seem to be developing a friendly father/daughter type thing.  Coulson and May almost seem to be fighting for control but I think Skye put it better when she said she didn’t like it when Mom and Dad fought.  Skye and Ward, it remains to be seen.  She obviously thinks he’s hot.  But, will they end up romantically involved or have more of a brother/sister relationship?  The only thing I’d like to see is Fitz/Simmons interacting with the rest of the team more.

And we got another clue to what happened to Coulson.  My take is that Amador used the back scatter feature of her camera when she was talking to him.  She could literally see that there was something different about him.  Her trying to play it off like “no big deal” is going to make May curious, I bet.

Favorite Lines:

  • “She stopped saying “BANG!” when she pulls the trigger?” — Coulson
  • “Bang?” — Skye
  • “And, oh my God, Super Spy is ticklish!” — Skye

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Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 4: “The Lesser Key of Solomon”


Sleepy Hollow: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Idea for new show:  Ichabod Crane – Dr. Love  At first I thought he was talking to himself, then thought maybe he’d called in to a radio show.  That whole scene was too cute.  But, why was the assistance called NorthStar?  I’m sure there is a placement deal for the vehicles they drive and they couldn’t get permission to use the name OnStar?

So, Corbin didn’t tell Abbie about his relationship with Jenny.  I understand that because Abbie wasn’t ready to face what the girls saw in the woods.  Seems he kept a lot of secrets from her. 

I find it amusing that Jenny had trouble believing Ichabod.  She’s the one who’s always believed what they saw and she had trouble accepting a time-traveler?

I knew the guy they captured would end up killing himself.  I’m just surprised it took him so long and he gave up so much information first.  The demon’s name is Moloch.  There was also demon named Moloch on Buffy.  Hundreds of years ago, he was trapped in a book.  When that book was scanned into an archive, Moloch was released into cyberspace.  I mention this because the Hessian music teacher said that Moloch was in charge but someone called him on the phone to tell him to go after Jenny.  The voice on the phone was computerized.  I’m sure it was to disguise it from the audience (possibly a character we know), but it was just a neat coincidence.

What made Abbie so sure that throwing the book into the vortex, would close it?  It could just have easily strengthened it and made it open faster.  What did they do with the bodies of the other Hessians?  Abbie threw one into the vortex but what about the others?  Did they just leave them or did Abbie actually report everything that happened to the authorities like she wanted to? 

Oh, and I liked when Ichabod stepped in front of Abbie at Jenny’s foster home.  He’s come to know her so well already.  He knew that look on her face meant she was getting ready to kick that bitch’s ass.


Favorite Lines:

  • “Imagine the deliquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it.” — Ichabod
  • “They left without a farewell.  How impolite.” — Ichabod


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