True Blood – Season 7, Episodes 3, 4 & 5


I was on vacation so I didn’t get to write about last weeks’ episode and, well, the week before that, I was just too mad so, whoever reads these gets three eps this week.

Fire in the Hole

True Blood: Fire in the HoleI wasn’t going to write about this episode.  If I don’t write about it, it didn’t really happen, right?  I think I might have mentioned before that while most people seem to be on Team Bill or Team Eric, I am firmly on Team Alcide.  It shouldn’t be too hard to guess what my reaction was to the end of this episode.  What really pissed me off the most was Sookie’s conversation with Bill.  Why have her talk about how she doesn’t think she loves Alcide as much as he loves her if he’s going to die later in the episode?  That was totally unnecessary and kind of bitchy.  He deserved a better death too.  We deserved a last Alcide/Sookie scene.

As humorous as I find Eric and Pam’s flashback do’s and fashion, the storyline with his human love seemed pointless.  I also feel like it kind of takes away from his relationship with Sookie.  I realize now that it was to introduce the Yakuza but couldn’t they have come up with something better?

Death Is Not The End

True Blood: Death Is Not the End

Thank God the Hep-V storyline is over!  I’m glad they wrapped it up so quickly even though it seems like they’re rushing this season a bit.  Considering it is the final season, couldn’t we have gotten a few more episodes?  

I liked all the old characters they’ve brought back in the last couple of episodes.  Nan last week, Hoyt, The Magister, Ginger, Terry (*sniff*) and Jackson this week.  I will be curious to see who else they may be able to fit in.

This week’s Eric and Pam flashback was great. The two of them running a video store together was priceless.  The thing that bugged me though is there is no way Ginger is smart enough to have come up with the idea behind Fangtasia.  Seven seasons and she’s never had the brains God gave a chicken and suddenly she was a thoughtful college student who lost all sense just from meeting Eric?

True Blood: Lost Cause

I was glad for this episode.  I was afraid with everything going on and the things that need to happen before the end of the season that all the deaths would be glossed over.  Maybe losing Alcide made Sookie realize how much she really loved him because her grief and mourning seemed genuine.  I was glad that when Jackson was eavesdropping that drunk Sookie didn’t slip up and say something stupid.  I bawled when she slipped her arms into Alcide’s coat.

I like where most of the relationships on the show are headed.  I don’t care much for Violet with Jason.  I’m iffy on her character.  She’s not an evil vamp but she’s unstable so that makes her dangerous.  I would love to see Jason and Jessica stay together.  I want to see Lafayette happy, I just wish his hookup with James had happened differently.

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American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 5: “Burn, Witch, Burn”


AHS: Coven: Burn, Witch. Burn!

Just when I start to feel some sympathy for Madame LaLaurie, they show a flashback that kills it. What, exactly, did she do to her daughters?  They weren’t still locked up in the cages by the time they died.  Did she perform her weird experiments on them, or just keep them in there and torture them a bit?  What did she think was going to happen if her zombie daughter did remember her?  Her daughters hated her and she was indirectly responsible for their deaths.  Did she think it was going to be all hugs and puppy dogs?

Who really threw the acid on Cordelia?  I think Fiona might actually think Myrtle had something to do with it, she was hallucinating a lot when she was tripping on all the pills she took.

It never occurred to me that Fiona had Misty’s power.  I know the Supreme has multiple powers but because the Supreme has to be able to perform the “Seven Wonders”, I didn’t think they necessarily had all the powers that other witches have.  I saw her revive Queenie, but I thought she was just unconscious or close to death, not actually dead.  If that’s the case, why is she so afraid of dying? Misty resurrected herself after she was burned at the stake, couldn’t Fiona do the same?

Zoe sure went from wimp to kick-ass in zero flat.  It seems pretty obvious that the show wants us to think that she’s the next Supreme but I’m not so sure.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned watching AHS, it’s that they usually lead you one place and end up in the exact opposite direction.  Is Zoe more powerful than Fiona?  Marie LaVeau said there was some real power in the house now.  Was the chainsaw a nod to Evil Dead?  I really expected Kyle to show up and save her.  Where did he go anyway?

Myrtle’s going to be m-a-a-d when she comes back.  I wonder if she’ll direct her rage directly at Fiona or go after Queenie and the council members as well?  How does Misty know where to go?  She was drawn to Kyle and now to Myrtle.  What’s drawing her to those places?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Fiona wouldn’t like it.  I’d be more scared of her than the things outside.” — Queenie
  • “I doubt it.  You are, after all, the maid.” — Fiona

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 5 – “Internment”


The Walking Dead: Internment

Hershel is a bad ass.  That is all.  I could have written just those five words and it would have been enough for this episode.

I see a lot of speculation online that Hershel will die this season.  It seems that whenever an episode focuses on a character, that character meets their end.  Last week’s episode was Carol heavy and she was banished.  Given that, I was worried for Hershel this whole episode.  This was a great heart-thumping, fingers-crossed, jumping up and down in my seat episode.  It definitely kept me on edge and every time things seemed safe, I expected something bad to happen.

I feel like this week’s episode should have had last week’s title, “Indifference.”  There were so many instances of hesitation and mistakes being made.  The walker threat for these people is greater than ever since anyone inside the prison could die and turn and they still don’t seem to take it that seriously.  Do the cells even lock?  I’m pretty sure I saw Hershel close the door on the same person at least twice.  If they can open the door when they are alive, what’s to stop them after they turn?  All they would have to do is accidentally push it the right way and it would open.  Hershel was in such a rush to help Sasha, he didn’t close the door on the dead girl.  They hear a gunshot and Maggie doesn’t immediately go to help?  Rick had to convince her?

Just when I think Lizzie may be making progress in her thinking toward the walkers, she goes and does something weird like play with the puddle of blood.  Where’s her sister, by the way?

Carl is one the best shots they have and Rick still doesn’t want him to help with the walkers.  He only did this week because he had no other choice.  This is the world you live in now, Rick.  Everyone needs to learn how to protect themselves and others.

The Governor!!!  I bet he’s been watching the prison for a while and  leading the walkers to the fence.  He’s not exactly hiding, why hasn’t anyone seen him standing there?

I’m glad Rick and Daryl didn’t have the Carol conversation this episode.  It was already so full, there really wasn’t time to devote to it.  But, I can see a scenario where The Governor attacks before they talk about it and the group gets split up in the chaos.  Maybe they will meet up with Carol without anyone besides Rick, Maggie and Hershel knowing.

I may have more to add to this later, I fell asleep during my second watch while I was taking notes last night.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I propose we have Spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesdays.  First, we have to find spaghetti.” — Hershel


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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 5: “Good Form”


Once Upon a Time: Good Form

I always suspected that Hook was a better guy than he likes to let on.  I don’t understand the way everyone treats him.  Why did David assume Hook had never had a family?  Why did they all assume he’s always been bad?  Most people (especially on this show) didn’t start out that way.  Hook can be a scoundrel sometimes but he does good things most people wouldn’t expect of him.  So, why do they still constantly treat him like crap?  If anyone believed in him, he might become a better person.

Killian Jones seemed to be a decent guy.  He didn’t want to take that poison back to the king. Even though he’d pledged his loyalty to the crown, he didn’t want to be a part of killing their enemies in such a horrible way.  After what happened to his brother, in his mind, (I guess) becoming a pirate was the more honorable profession.  I think being around Emma is bringing Killian back out in Hook.  He could have taken Pan up on his offer and saved himself but he chose to save David instead.  Of course, he did it for Emma but he didn’t have to.  Emma didn’t know David was dying.

What kind of work did Hook do for Pan in the past?

Hook is right, David is a stubborn ass.  Why should Hook have had to trick David into finding the cure for the poison?  Yes, finding Henry is important, but he’s not helping anyone by dying.  Also, Snow and Emma are strong women who can take care of themselves.  David, more than anyone, knows this.  Why does he keep making decisions for them?  They will be furious when they find out and they will find out.  Now that he’s cured and can’t leave the island, he’s going to have to come clean at some point.  He honestly expects that Snow is going to leave Neverland and leave him behind.

Yay!  Hook and Emma!  Will Hook tell Emma that Neal is alive?

Who’s in the cage next to Neal?  Someone we know or a new person?

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 5: “Time Will Tell”


Castle: Time Will Tell

Finally! Castle is fed up with Pi but it comes with a price.  On some level, Rick had to know his baby girl was going to move out eventually.  If I were him, I don’t think I’d be happy with the situation either.  Alexis needs to stand on her own two feet before she lives with someone.  She needs to know herself first.  Rick’s such a kid sometimes, it’s nice to see that grown up, daddy side of him.

Kate’s on the outside of the situation and I think she has a little better grasp on it.  She can see Alexis is a little lost because she’s unsure of her place in Rick’s life now.  It’s probably occurred to Alexis that Kate and Castle might start a family and she won’t be the baby anymore.  Kate doesn’t want to push too much though, it’s something Rick and Alexis need to figure out on their own.

So, was Simon Doyle crazy or really from the future?  Of course, Castle believed it was possible.  He loves an out there theory.  Simon disappeared at the end.  Where did he go?  Did he duck into one of the doors to mess with Castle or really go *poof*?  Other than all the future talk, Simon seemed fairly sane.  He knew how to fool the pysch evaluator.

Why would Kate be Senator Beckett instead of Senator Castle?  I really can’t see Kate going into politics.  She’s not someone who likes the spotlight.  She’s always been uncomfortable when people realize that she’s Nikki Heat.  Three kids?  Castle seemed pretty happy about that but Beckett seemed surprised.

The actor who played Jack Hasting (the leader of the eco group) is Tim Daly’s son, Sam.  He looks a lot like his father.

It’s about time to start planning a wedding!

Favorite Line:

  • “A lot more lucrative, a lot less prison.” — Castle
  • “Maybe we should put something in our vows about following each other into creepy places.” — Castle

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Girl in the Flower Dress”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Girl in the Flower Dress

I thought Ward and Skye were playing chess.  Battleship is better. 🙂

So, we finally learn what Skye is up to.  When she and Miles first started talking, I thought maybe she was a journalist working on a story.  As the conversation went on, I started to suspect she was looking for someone, possibly a family member.  She’s an orphan and SHIELD has something to do with it?  Were her parents agents?  Did they die because of something the agency did?

I’m glad Coulson said he’d try to help her.  And I’m glad they let her stay but I guess she’s basically under house arrest.  When they gave the bracelet to Miles, Coulson told him not to use any electronic devices.  Does Skye’s bracelet do the same thing?  Wouldn’t make much sense to have a hacker that can’t hack.  This whole situation is going to upset the balance the team was starting to achieve.  Skye’s going to be the odd man out again.  😦

I wish they would develop Fitz/Simmons a bit more.  We’re slowly learning back story on each of the team members but still don’t know a lot about them.  I’m pretty sure they don’t have any deep, dark secrets but a little fleshing out would be nice.

So, who is the mysterious guy in jail?  And who is the clairvoyant? Centipede took “Scorch’s” blood to help stablize the Extremis but now the doctor is dead.  Won’t they need another doctor to synthesize the blood?  Also, Extremis seems to bring out the crazy in people.  Will the blood fix that or will they need to find something else for that?

Favorite Lines:

  • “When someone breaks into my house, I don’t usually invite them to stay.” — May
  • “You don’t really do comforting either, do you?” — Coulson

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Bones – Season 9, Episode 5: “The Lady on the List”


Bones: The Lady on the List

First things first, what happened to the hawk?  First thing I wrote in my notes was “Don’t kill the hawk!”  I was happy to see that Hodgins was taking care of it but then it got sick from arsenic poisoning and they never said what happened to it.

I feel like we’ve missed an episode where Sweets is concerned.  He was very unhappy at the beginning of the season and acted like he was unsure when he would come back.  He was back on board to catch Pelant with no explanation but that’s a special case.  This week, there he is like he’s back full time and nothing is ever mentioned about it.  And THEN, they are trying to replace him with that stupid computer.  WTH?  But, considering that a couple of months ago, Sweets was thinking about quitting, his reaction to VAL was amusing.

I really don’t like that intern.  I thought he was new until they started talking about him being there before.  I guess I must really not like him because I don’t even remember him.  I think the thing that bugs me most about him is his lack of respect for anyone else.  Even if he is smarter than Brennan or Camille, they are his bosses’.  Are we ever going to get to see Zach again?

Finally, Angela admits what a heifer she was being toward Booth.  I think she needs to apologize to him directly.

Since when is having a pipe grounds for parole violation?  I understand that she committed a felony and that should prevent her from owning a firearm but she’s not allowed to protect herself in any way?  It’s not like she was walking around with a knife in her purse.  She lived in a shady neighborhood and lived alone.

It’s so cute how excited Brennan is about the wedding.  She was always the one who didn’t want to get married but turns out she’s a secret softy after all.  I also like that Booth and Brennan are planning the wedding together.  Pigs in a blanket!


Favorite Line:

  • “I hate VAL.  She is stupid.  I hate her.” — Sweets

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