True Blood – Season 7, Episodes 6 thru 9


Yeah, so…as much as I have always loved True Blood, even when others didn’t, this season disappointed me.  I haven’t felt motivated to blog about it for most of the season.  Anyone who’s read my blog knows I went from trying to blog everything to only blogging the shows that made an impact on me.  True Blood has always been one of those shows.  I’m just going to skim through my thoughts on these episodes.True Blood: Karma

One thing that I’ve always loved about True Blood is its fast pace.  Each season, the 10-13 episodes take place over a time span of a week or two.  This season I feel like that pacing backfired BIG time.  All it did was make Sookie look like a callous cold-hearted slut.  The time span between Alcide (who she admitted to loving just not as much as he did) dying to her jumping into bed with Bill was about three whole days. True Blood: May Be the Last Time

Why couldn’t there have been a time jump here?  Why rush Bill’s Hep-V?  After Arlene had been rescued, there could have been a small time jump here.  Bill’s illness could have progressed and Sookie, feeling guilty, could have been taking care of him and their relationship could have progressed slowly from there.  The way the show handled it was SO disrespectful to Alcide’s character.  As to Bill’s reason for refusing the cure…does he not have any willpower?  If Eric can stay away from her, why can’t he?  If temptation is so great living so close to her, MOVE!  He spent a couple hundred years living somewhere other than Bon Temps, why can’t he do it again?

True Blood: Almost Home

I’ve never really been a Bill/Sookie or a Eric/Sookie shipper.  It’s pretty obvious that I’ve always been firmly on Team Alcide and not just because Joe Manganiello is pretty to look at either.  Alcide (in the show, anyway) was always there when Sookie needed him and he never used her.  In the books, …well I liked Quinn but since he wasn’t on the show…I guess I kind of hoped she’d end up with Bill.  Book Bill wasn’t as much of an ass as TV Bill though.  At this point, I’d rather have seen her with Eric.  They had a much better relationship.  I just feel like they’ve ruined Sookie a bit this season.

True Blood: Love Is to Die

As for the other storylines:

  • I’m glad Hoyt came back and that he and Jessica got back together.
  • I don’t like how they handled Tara this season either.  An off-screen death and then ghost!Tara?  I understand the reason for the gun story but I feel like Tara deserved better.
  • I’m glad Lafayette and Arlene are happy but would have like to see them more.
  • Willa was a take her or leave her character but it would have been nice to see what happened to her.  I know she was in the background of a couple of scenes but she was wasted too.
  • I loved most of Eric and Pam’s scenes.  The flashbacks were especially hilarious.  Favorite scene of these episodes has to be Eric and Ginger.
  • I was glad to see some character development with Jason.  So glad Violet is gone.
  • I’m glad Big John got out of the kitchen and got to speak.  🙂

It sounds like I haven’t enjoyed this season at all and that’s not true.  I shed tears and laughed.  I’m just a bit disappointed.

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Bones – Season 9, Episode 7: “The Nazi on the Honeymoon”


Bones: The Nazi on the Honeymoon

Of course Brennan would hate being on vacation.  But, their honeymoon ended up being perfect for them, a little fun in the sun, a little crime-solving.

Brennan hates when someone comes into her lab and acts like they know more than she does but she did the exact same thing to Dr. Perez.   Brennan didn’t take the other woman’s feelings into consideration.  To her, it was perfectly logical that Dr. Perez would welcome her help.  I was suspicious of Dr. Perez from the start.  First, if Brennan could spot the charring on the bones from a glance at them, Dr. Perez should have definitely seen it.  Second, the killer had to be someone who knew about the burial site.

Since when are Michael Vincent and Christine approximately the same age?  There’s at least a year between them but those kids looked about the same age and older than they should be.

Valenza was a bad influence on Booth.  He started to enjoy doing his work out of the cafe and being a celebrity.  He liked it so much, I’m surprised he wasn’t more upset when Brennan said she was thinking about killing Andy.

Hodgins and Angela want another baby.  Maybe Booth and Brennan will be pregnant around the same time.  How cute would Angela and Temperance going through their pregnancies together be?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Relaxing makes me tense.” — Brennan
  • “You are the worst vacation-taker in the world.” — Angela
  • “I’m a national hero!” — Booth

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 6 – “Live Bait”


The Walking Dead: Live Bait

I don’t have much to say about this episode.  It wasn’t the most enjoyable I’ve ever watched.  In fact, I found myself bored during parts of it.  As excited as I was to see The Governor show up at the end of the last episode, I didn’t really care much about what he’d been up to the last six months.

Should we take The Governor’s seeming change of heart at face value or is it just another one of his ploys?  I can see the situation being that he snapped and that’s what caused him to do all those horrible things at the end of last season.  Possibly, he’s come back to himself and realizes what he’s done.  That could explain his near-catatonia.

Even if that’s the case, it’s been mentioned a couple of times this season that you can’t come back from the things you’ve done.  It almost seemed like the show was trying to redeem The Governor last night but there’s no way that can happen.  It would take a lifetime of good deeds to make up for the atrocities he’s committed.

I don’t think that’s what’s going on though.  I think most of his “change” centers on not-Penny.  The Governor never does anything without an ulterior motive.  I think he’s realized that he needs people to protect to feel like he has any worth.  Remember, he wasn’t “important” before the walkers.  This family looks up to him and makes him feel important again.  Nothing selfless on his part.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 7: “The Hub”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Hub

Coulson in a gray suit/blue shirt!  Have we seen him in anything other than black and white before?

If I was going to pick between Fitz and Simmons to go on a mission, I wouldn’t have picked Fitz.  I know the reason was his skillset but, up until now, field work hasn’t been his strong point.  Who could have known how things would turn out?  Fitz is the one who wants to be in the field but she froze up when confronted with a minor obstacle in a situation that was far from dangerous.  Simmons, on the other hand, rose to the occasion when his and Ward’s lives were in danger.  Whether their reactions are residual effects from Fitz nearly dying remains to be seen.

I did not like Victoria Hand until the end of the episode and even then my opinion only improved marginally.  I understand that she knew Coulson would figure out a way to save his men, but why did she keep secrets?  Why not tell Coulson that there was no extraction team for Ward and Simmons?  What if Skye hadn’t been suspicious and started digging?  Would Hand have told Coulson?  Maybe she just wanted to see Coulson get extremely angry.

Ward can be a bit stiff at times but he’s really starting to soften as he becomes more attached to the group.  Brett Dalton did a really good job this episode, conveying Ward’s emotions using only facial expressions.  The looks on Ward’s face when, first, he realized there was no extraction team coming for them and then, when Simmons refused to leave him, were perfect.

I want more of May’s back story.  It’s apparent that she’s trying to keep her distance from the rest of the team emotionally though, occasionally, there’s a slight crack in the armor.  What happened to her?

When Coulson was talking to Skye about the redacted file, I knew he was keeping something from her.  I thought maybe May was the agent who had dropped her off at the orphanage.  Apparently, it’s something bigger and tragic, but what?  Even on pause, I couldn’t quite make out what was in that picture.  It almost looked like a burned body.  Did S.H.I.E.L.D kill her parents?  Were her parents agents?

S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying so hard to protect Coulson from something but they are being pretty stupid about it.  Denying him access to his file just sends up HUGE red flags.  Why didn’t they dummy up a fake file to give him?

Favorite Lines:

  • “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you may have a mold problem.” — Coulson
  • “Ok, maybe we’ll both stay here.” — Ward

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 6: “FZZT”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: F.Z.Z.T

Has May died too?  That conversation with Coulson seemed to hint at it.  I think she knows more about what happened to Coulson than she’s letting on.  She’s been suspicious of what’s going on with him and Amador flat out told her something was different about him.  So why did she work so hard to reassure him that what he was feeling was perfectly normal after a near-death experience? Maybe she knows what Agent Hill and Dr. Streiten know and is trying to throw Coulson off track.

When Coulson was talking to the fireman, I half expected him to say that the afterlife was a “magical place.”  I’ve read speculation that Coulson is an LMD.  Things that happened in this episode make me question that.  Several people now have commented on how different Coulson is now.  If an LMD is meant to be an exact copy of a person, he shouldn’t be any different.  Dying shouldn’t have had a psychological effect on an android.  An electromagnetic pulse like the ones that happened in this episode, should have had an effect on him.  That’s a nasty looking scar on his chest.

I really like the way the show is tying into the Marvel movie universe.  I think this episode made the most use of that connection.  Yes, a couple of the episodes have revolved around Extremis but what happened in this episode was a direct result of what happened in The Avengers.  How many more people might be infected with that virus?  I would assume other people took souvenirs from the battle in New York.

It’s pretty obvious to me, and I think Skye too, that Fitz is in love with Simmons.  I don’t think Simmons has any clue.  How funny is it that they failed their field agent tests but Simmons jumped at the chance to board “The Bus?”  Fitz tagged along, even though he pretty much hates everything about being in the field, because I don’t think he’d know what to do if he didn’t have Simmons by his side.

Of course, FitzSimmons would be the first to forgive Skye.  They’re the least agent-y people on the team.  Ward  is having a harder time not only because he’s so by the book but because he had started to care for Skye.  Other than Coulson, I think he was probably the most hurt by her lies.  Not that he’d ever admit that.  It was nice to see a bit of a thaw there.  Does he know about her parents?

I think this has been my favorite episode of the season so far.  I’m beginning to become emotionally invested enough in the characters that I worried for Simmons and got a little misty in a couple places.  Joss’ shows tend to start out slow, but it seems like it might be starting to find it’s footing.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I don’t sweat, I glisten.” — Coulson
  • “You don’t have to call me IronMan.” — Coulson

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Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, Episode 6: “The Sin Eater”


Sleepy Hollow: The Sin Eater

James Frain is so good at playing bad guys, I have a hard time believing he’s playing a good guy this time.  If the Freemasons are going to be involved from now on, I guess we will find out.  I find a few things about how they handled the situation suspicious.  Why hadn’t they contacted Ichabod before now?  If they hadn’t waited until the last possible minute to talk to him, they wouldn’t have had to resort to kidnapping and they may have been able to come up with a solution other than poison.  Katrina didn’t trust them, she hid his body from them.  In their defense, they didn’t keep Abbie out even though they knew she was going to try and stop Ichabod from drinking the poison.

It was nice to see the deepening bong between Abbie and Ichabod.  Despite her skepticism, Abbie really seems to value Ichabod’s friendship.  His presence also seems to be helping repair the relationship with her sister.  But, they had time to take in a baseball game and still haven’t hit the mall for new clothes and a haircut?

I don’t understand how Ichabod’s guilt over Arthur Bernard’s death was a sin?  People feel guilty about lots of things they do, that doesn’t make them a sin.

Is the Sin Eater linked to The Horseman now?  He said he could feel that The Horseman had woken up.  If he took Ichabod’s sin into himself, wouldn’t The Horseman be able to use him?  How has that improved the situation?  Now, Ichabod doesn’t have to die but The Horseman still has a link to this world.  The bond may even be stronger because of all the other sins that Henry has eaten.

I think The Horseman is Ichabod’s commanding officer.  I know The Horseman could be anyone wearing a British uniform but why the mask if not to hide his identity?  Because Ichabod would have recognized him.  And, in the battle where Ichabod beheaded him, The Horseman seemed to be headed straight for him.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I thought only horses slept standing up!” — Ichabod
  • “My ears shall remain eternally open to your admonition.” — Ichabod

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 6: “Get A Clue”


Castle: Get a Clue

Second case in a row that’s right up Castle’s alley.  He loves crazy conspiracies and far out theories. Usually, he throws out all these wild ideas and Beckett reins him in.  But, those wild ideas sometimes help Beckett with the case.  Something Castle says or does triggers a normal thought from Beckett that can lead the investigation in a new direction.  This time, most of Castle’s wild ideas were right.

I love what a good team Castle and Beckett make.  In the church, it only took Beckett about five seconds to come around to Castle’s way of thinking.  They both thought the monk was guilty (even if they had different reasons).  The way they bounce thoughts off each other.  They’ve come such a long way from their first case together.

Did I miss, or have I forgotten, when they talked about what a good swordsman Castle is?  Why is he so good with a sword?

I can’t believe Castle got them stuck in the tomb.  Has he learned nothing from Indiana Jones?

Castle’s in a hard place where Alexis is concerned.  I have to say, I agree with Rick that Pi is just odd and not right for her.  On the other hand, Alexis has a right to be upset.  Castle was being a jerk and I thought the deathglare that Alexis gave him might have tempered his snark a bit.  I guess not.  Rick can express his concerns to Alexis when they are alone but he has to be polite to Pi and try to accept him. Alexis is an adult and he may not like her choice but it’s her choice.  He’s going to have to learn to control his reaction when Pi is around.  Support Alexis and when the time is right, she’ll come to him.  Eventually, she will figure it out on her own.

Favorite Line:

  • “My version has more dramatic flair.” — Castle
  • “We’re going to get hepatitis just breathing the air.” — Ryan

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