True Blood – Season 7, Episodes 6 thru 9


Yeah, so…as much as I have always loved True Blood, even when others didn’t, this season disappointed me.  I haven’t felt motivated to blog about it for most of the season.  Anyone who’s read my blog knows I went from trying to blog everything to only blogging the shows that made an impact on me.  True Blood has always been one of those shows.  I’m just going to skim through my thoughts on these episodes.True Blood: Karma

One thing that I’ve always loved about True Blood is its fast pace.  Each season, the 10-13 episodes take place over a time span of a week or two.  This season I feel like that pacing backfired BIG time.  All it did was make Sookie look like a callous cold-hearted slut.  The time span between Alcide (who she admitted to loving just not as much as he did) dying to her jumping into bed with Bill was about three whole days. True Blood: May Be the Last Time

Why couldn’t there have been a time jump here?  Why rush Bill’s Hep-V?  After Arlene had been rescued, there could have been a small time jump here.  Bill’s illness could have progressed and Sookie, feeling guilty, could have been taking care of him and their relationship could have progressed slowly from there.  The way the show handled it was SO disrespectful to Alcide’s character.  As to Bill’s reason for refusing the cure…does he not have any willpower?  If Eric can stay away from her, why can’t he?  If temptation is so great living so close to her, MOVE!  He spent a couple hundred years living somewhere other than Bon Temps, why can’t he do it again?

True Blood: Almost Home

I’ve never really been a Bill/Sookie or a Eric/Sookie shipper.  It’s pretty obvious that I’ve always been firmly on Team Alcide and not just because Joe Manganiello is pretty to look at either.  Alcide (in the show, anyway) was always there when Sookie needed him and he never used her.  In the books, …well I liked Quinn but since he wasn’t on the show…I guess I kind of hoped she’d end up with Bill.  Book Bill wasn’t as much of an ass as TV Bill though.  At this point, I’d rather have seen her with Eric.  They had a much better relationship.  I just feel like they’ve ruined Sookie a bit this season.

True Blood: Love Is to Die

As for the other storylines:

  • I’m glad Hoyt came back and that he and Jessica got back together.
  • I don’t like how they handled Tara this season either.  An off-screen death and then ghost!Tara?  I understand the reason for the gun story but I feel like Tara deserved better.
  • I’m glad Lafayette and Arlene are happy but would have like to see them more.
  • Willa was a take her or leave her character but it would have been nice to see what happened to her.  I know she was in the background of a couple of scenes but she was wasted too.
  • I loved most of Eric and Pam’s scenes.  The flashbacks were especially hilarious.  Favorite scene of these episodes has to be Eric and Ginger.
  • I was glad to see some character development with Jason.  So glad Violet is gone.
  • I’m glad Big John got out of the kitchen and got to speak.  🙂

It sounds like I haven’t enjoyed this season at all and that’s not true.  I shed tears and laughed.  I’m just a bit disappointed.

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 9 – “After”


The Walking Dead: After

I was glad that my question about what happened to Hershel’s head was answered, but I was sad to see him as a walker.

I understand that Michonne’s first pets were docile because she’d had them for a while and they were weak from hunger (I doubt she fed them) but what about her new pets?  Even though she cut off their arms and jaws, they wouldn’t know the difference.  Why didn’t they keep lunging for her?  Also, if just having the two walkers on leashes kept her masked from the other walkers, couldn’t a person quietly walk amongst a herd?

Carl’s a little shit.  I realized he was really mad at Rick but he was walking way too far ahead of him.  Rick could barely stand, if a walker came up from behind, Rick could have been bitten or dead before Carl got to him.  I think it was good for Carl to get all his anger and frustration out, he seemed to come to a realization about the fact that he still needs his father.

I half expected Rick to die.  While I know it wouldn’t have gone along with the comics, it wouldn’t be the first time the show has deviated from them.  It could have been really interesting to see what Carl would do without Rick.  I’m glad he didn’t though.

If I had eaten that much pudding (especially chocolate) on an empty stomach, I would have been throwing up everywhere.  Yuck!

Michonne totally has Carl’s shoe, right?  Why else would her appearance be so funny?  Or the door for Carl?

Can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to next week.

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True Blood – Season 6, Episode 9: “Life Matters”


This episode neatly wrapped up most of the major story lines of the season.  The only one left hanging is Warlow and I suspect that’s what most of the season finale will be.

True Blood: Life Matters

Did Eric kill all of those guards by himself?  He drank most of Warlow’s blood which would have made him impervious to the sun but it wouldn’t have made him unkillable like Bill.  Where did he go?  We all know Eric’s not gone for good.  No way the show would get rid of Alexander Skarsgard, he’s the biggest draw for females.  I suspect he’ll go off to get his shit together.  He has a new progeny and I don’t think he’s the type of maker to leave Willa to fend for herself.

I’ve seen a few reviewers who didn’t understand why Bill put Overlark out of his misery.  I get it.  He would have liked to have punished the good doctor himself, but Eric beat him to it.  He still felt the need to inflict violence on him so the did the next best thing by smashing his face in.  While I’m on the subject of Bill, what effect will drinking his blood have on the other vampires?  It was a mixture of Lilith and Warlow’s blood, will they have Bill’s special powers now?  Since Bill was nearly drained dry and re-fed his own blood, will he still have his powers?  Also, did anyone else think there were way more vampires dancing around in the sun than were in the white room to start with?

Random stuff:  Jason should have killed Sarah.  That’s going to come back to bite him in the ass.  I’m kind of pissed they killed Steve.  He was an ass but he was a funny ass.

Finally, Terry’s funeral.  I also read that some people thought his funeral was too long.  Not me, I loved it.  I loved seeing how everyone met Terry.  He was one of the few humans left and his normal death deserved to be treated with respect.  But, when did Caroline Bellefleur become such an obnoxious, racist bitch?  She’s a genteel Southern Lady and would never act in public the way she did at Terry’s funeral.


Favorite Lines:

  • “Ugly as sin but at least she’s not a red-headed blood sucker.” — Maxine
  • “And when you dream of me, dream of nice things.” — Eric
  • “High five, Tirone!” — Jason
  • “I love you…JASON STACKHOUSE!!!” — Steve

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