Grimm – Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2: “The Ungrateful Dead” and “PTZD”


Grimm Season 3 Premiere

I’m so glad they were able to wrap up Zombie!Nick in a couple of episodes.  I know there will be lingering effects but I didn’t want to spend half the season with Nick on a rampage.  He didn’t seem to be as rage-y as the other people that had been affected.  They just randomly attacked anyone and everyone.  Nick stopped and listened to things first.

When Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee were throwing people off the top of those storage containers, I wonder how many of them died?  That was quite a distance to fall.

After the plane crashed, why did they show us the empty coffin?  We already knew Nick wasn’t in it, he got out before the crash.

Grimm: PTZD

For a Hexenbiest, Adalind is awfully squeamish.  I’m kind of over her storyline.  I like the actress but I feel like her character is kind of played out.  Since they killed (or did they?) Captain Renard’s brother, I guess they need someone to stir up trouble though.

The gang is trying to protect Nick, but he was seen by a lot of people.  He’s a police officer so it’s possible those people will see him again and recognize him.  What happens then?

How will Nick handle killing someone?  The video showed that it was, basically, self-defense but that guy wouldn’t have attacked Nick if he hadn’t come in seeing red.

Speaking of the video, what’s Renard going to do with it?  He’s done a pretty good job of helping Nick and the gang but I feel like his motives still aren’t quite known.  Is he really a good guy or is he trying to take over his family business?  Will he use that video against Nick at some point?

Favorite Lines:

  • “I’m going to have to throw the carpet away.   You just can’t get Hexenbiest blood out of anything.” — Stefania
  • “I wish I could do that.” — Hank
  • “I gotta feel better than you guys.” — Juliette

Photo Credit:  NBC and GetGlue