American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 3: “The Replacements”


AHS: Coven: The Replacements

I wondered if Fiona had always been evil or if the power of being Supreme warped her.  I guess this episode answered that.  Always evil.  But, hey, at least she has her standards.  A couple of murders?  A-Ok!  Racism? Oh, hell no!  If it wasn’t for her propensity to kill people, I think Fiona would be a pretty cool lady.

Maybe Cordelia should team up with Marie.  Neither one of them likes Fiona.  Together they might be able to bring her down.

When Zoe was talking to Kyle’s mom, Alicia, I got a icky vibe from her and I was right.  How did Kyle end up being such a sweet guy, coming from that situation?  It’s a wonder he could even talk to a girl.  I wonder what he actually remembers though?  Did he attack Alicia because he remembers what she did to him in the past or because of what she had just done to him?  In his messed up mental state, he may have killed her because she wasn’t Zoe.

I couldn’t tell if Misty had fallen in love with Kyle or if she had more maternal feelings for him.  She’s very lonely though, so she could have just been desperate to keep him there for company.

The cute boy next door seems to like Nan.  Her telepathic ability would be pretty handy in snagging a guy, I guess. She already used it to figure out what kind of cake to take him.  His mother’s a bitch.  I’m all for religion but don’t be nuts about it.

Assuming they had sex and he didn’t just kill her, would Queenie and the Minotaur be considered bestiality?   Will Madame LaLaurie soften her opinion of black people after Queenie helped her?  She had already started to talk to her and, in her own twisted way, offer her advice.  Once again, I have to say how much I am loving Kathy Bates’ performance.  I think she might be stealing the show from Jessica Lange.

I don’t think Fiona intended to kill Madison.  Earlier in the day, I got the feeling Fiona was going to take Madison under her wing and teach her what she needed to know to become the Supreme.  I think she really wanted Madison to kill her, or at least that’s what she thought she wanted.  I’m not sure if I think Madison is actually the next Supreme but let’s say she is.  Since Fiona killed her, does that mean she will get better?  Will there be another Supreme chosen?  Madison will be the second witch to go missing when Fiona is around.  Even without a body, doesn’t she think someone is going to wonder?

Favorite Lines:

  • “There’s nothing I hate more than a racist.” — Fiona
  • “This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme, it needs a new rug.” — Fiona

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American Horror Story: Coven – Season 3, Episode 1: “Bitchcraft”


AHS: Coven: Bitchcraft

Anybody who has watched the show over the last two seasons knows how great Jessica Lange is.  The opening minutes of this episode proved that Kathy Bates is going to give her a run for her money.  Just sitting in front of the mirror, painting her face with blood, she gave an awesome performance, her face ever so slightly twitching.  If everything else about this season sucked, it would be worth watching to see these two together.

I know I can’t be the only one disturbed by the gang rape scene. I know this show pushes the boundaries of television shows, but that might have been a bridge too far.  I know Madison is not a nice person, but no one deserves that.  At least there was poetic justice for the ring leader.  What better punishment than being raped to death?

Is Misty Day dead, dead?  There was an episode of Amazing Stories called “Life on Death Row” with Patrick Swayze.  His character tried to escape and got struck by lightning.  After, he could heal people.  They tried to get a stay but he was executed anyway.  On his way to the morgue, a guard accidentally touched him and there was a spark.  He went around and got other people to touch him and the convict came back to life.  If Misty has the power to raise the dead, could she come back?  I find it hard to believe Lily Rabe was around just for that episode.

So far, it looks like most of the witches are bad.  Cordelia seems good but she’s trying so hard to keep her powers under control.  Fiona, Madison and Madame LaLaurie are all definitely evil.  Zoe and Marie Laveau seem good but did bad things (for good reasons).  We don’t really know enough about Nan and Queenie yet.  My question is, are these witches just inherently bad or does the power corrupt them?

What did Fiona expect to find when she dug up Madam LaLaurie?  She didn’t seem surprised to find her alive.  Does that mean that Nan’s power is only confined to the living and she can’t communicate with the dead?  I assume the potion that Marie Laveau gave to Madam LaLaurie was some type of sleeping death but wouldn’t she have starved to death or suffocated eventually?

Looks like from the preview, there is going to be a Frankenstein type plot this year too.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.  The show isn’t spooky enough…yet.  I noticed some pretty big names are listed as guest stars and not series regulars.  That probably means more deaths soon.

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Favorite Lines:

  • “When are you going to die and stop ruining my life?” — Cordelia
  • “C’mon, Mary Todd Lincoln.” — Fiona