Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 7: “The Hub”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Hub

Coulson in a gray suit/blue shirt!  Have we seen him in anything other than black and white before?

If I was going to pick between Fitz and Simmons to go on a mission, I wouldn’t have picked Fitz.  I know the reason was his skillset but, up until now, field work hasn’t been his strong point.  Who could have known how things would turn out?  Fitz is the one who wants to be in the field but she froze up when confronted with a minor obstacle in a situation that was far from dangerous.  Simmons, on the other hand, rose to the occasion when his and Ward’s lives were in danger.  Whether their reactions are residual effects from Fitz nearly dying remains to be seen.

I did not like Victoria Hand until the end of the episode and even then my opinion only improved marginally.  I understand that she knew Coulson would figure out a way to save his men, but why did she keep secrets?  Why not tell Coulson that there was no extraction team for Ward and Simmons?  What if Skye hadn’t been suspicious and started digging?  Would Hand have told Coulson?  Maybe she just wanted to see Coulson get extremely angry.

Ward can be a bit stiff at times but he’s really starting to soften as he becomes more attached to the group.  Brett Dalton did a really good job this episode, conveying Ward’s emotions using only facial expressions.  The looks on Ward’s face when, first, he realized there was no extraction team coming for them and then, when Simmons refused to leave him, were perfect.

I want more of May’s back story.  It’s apparent that she’s trying to keep her distance from the rest of the team emotionally though, occasionally, there’s a slight crack in the armor.  What happened to her?

When Coulson was talking to Skye about the redacted file, I knew he was keeping something from her.  I thought maybe May was the agent who had dropped her off at the orphanage.  Apparently, it’s something bigger and tragic, but what?  Even on pause, I couldn’t quite make out what was in that picture.  It almost looked like a burned body.  Did S.H.I.E.L.D kill her parents?  Were her parents agents?

S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying so hard to protect Coulson from something but they are being pretty stupid about it.  Denying him access to his file just sends up HUGE red flags.  Why didn’t they dummy up a fake file to give him?

Favorite Lines:

  • “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you may have a mold problem.” — Coulson
  • “Ok, maybe we’ll both stay here.” — Ward

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 6: “FZZT”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: F.Z.Z.T

Has May died too?  That conversation with Coulson seemed to hint at it.  I think she knows more about what happened to Coulson than she’s letting on.  She’s been suspicious of what’s going on with him and Amador flat out told her something was different about him.  So why did she work so hard to reassure him that what he was feeling was perfectly normal after a near-death experience? Maybe she knows what Agent Hill and Dr. Streiten know and is trying to throw Coulson off track.

When Coulson was talking to the fireman, I half expected him to say that the afterlife was a “magical place.”  I’ve read speculation that Coulson is an LMD.  Things that happened in this episode make me question that.  Several people now have commented on how different Coulson is now.  If an LMD is meant to be an exact copy of a person, he shouldn’t be any different.  Dying shouldn’t have had a psychological effect on an android.  An electromagnetic pulse like the ones that happened in this episode, should have had an effect on him.  That’s a nasty looking scar on his chest.

I really like the way the show is tying into the Marvel movie universe.  I think this episode made the most use of that connection.  Yes, a couple of the episodes have revolved around Extremis but what happened in this episode was a direct result of what happened in The Avengers.  How many more people might be infected with that virus?  I would assume other people took souvenirs from the battle in New York.

It’s pretty obvious to me, and I think Skye too, that Fitz is in love with Simmons.  I don’t think Simmons has any clue.  How funny is it that they failed their field agent tests but Simmons jumped at the chance to board “The Bus?”  Fitz tagged along, even though he pretty much hates everything about being in the field, because I don’t think he’d know what to do if he didn’t have Simmons by his side.

Of course, FitzSimmons would be the first to forgive Skye.  They’re the least agent-y people on the team.  Ward  is having a harder time not only because he’s so by the book but because he had started to care for Skye.  Other than Coulson, I think he was probably the most hurt by her lies.  Not that he’d ever admit that.  It was nice to see a bit of a thaw there.  Does he know about her parents?

I think this has been my favorite episode of the season so far.  I’m beginning to become emotionally invested enough in the characters that I worried for Simmons and got a little misty in a couple places.  Joss’ shows tend to start out slow, but it seems like it might be starting to find it’s footing.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I don’t sweat, I glisten.” — Coulson
  • “You don’t have to call me IronMan.” — Coulson

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Girl in the Flower Dress”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Girl in the Flower Dress

I thought Ward and Skye were playing chess.  Battleship is better. 🙂

So, we finally learn what Skye is up to.  When she and Miles first started talking, I thought maybe she was a journalist working on a story.  As the conversation went on, I started to suspect she was looking for someone, possibly a family member.  She’s an orphan and SHIELD has something to do with it?  Were her parents agents?  Did they die because of something the agency did?

I’m glad Coulson said he’d try to help her.  And I’m glad they let her stay but I guess she’s basically under house arrest.  When they gave the bracelet to Miles, Coulson told him not to use any electronic devices.  Does Skye’s bracelet do the same thing?  Wouldn’t make much sense to have a hacker that can’t hack.  This whole situation is going to upset the balance the team was starting to achieve.  Skye’s going to be the odd man out again.  😦

I wish they would develop Fitz/Simmons a bit more.  We’re slowly learning back story on each of the team members but still don’t know a lot about them.  I’m pretty sure they don’t have any deep, dark secrets but a little fleshing out would be nice.

So, who is the mysterious guy in jail?  And who is the clairvoyant? Centipede took “Scorch’s” blood to help stablize the Extremis but now the doctor is dead.  Won’t they need another doctor to synthesize the blood?  Also, Extremis seems to bring out the crazy in people.  Will the blood fix that or will they need to find something else for that?

Favorite Lines:

  • “When someone breaks into my house, I don’t usually invite them to stay.” — May
  • “You don’t really do comforting either, do you?” — Coulson

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 4: “Eye Spy”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Eye Spy

All those guys with red masks and briefcases and no one blinks an eye, yet, apparently, every one was taking pictures?  I saw maybe ten.  Also, the diamond carriers were sent on 25 different routes but five of them end up on the same train?  In the same car?

Coulson stated that three agents were sent in on the mission that Amador went missing.  She said she’d been in a cage for four years before a team came in and “rescued” her and operated on her.  Was she captured by one set of bad guys then taken from them by another?  If the people who originally captured her are the same ones that were controlling her, what made them choose her?  Was it just her bad (good?) luck that she wasn’t killed or did they kill the other two and purposely keep her?  I guess whoever was behind the eye cameras is going to be the big bad, yeah?

I like the different relationships that are going on within the team.  Coulson and Skye seem to be developing a friendly father/daughter type thing.  Coulson and May almost seem to be fighting for control but I think Skye put it better when she said she didn’t like it when Mom and Dad fought.  Skye and Ward, it remains to be seen.  She obviously thinks he’s hot.  But, will they end up romantically involved or have more of a brother/sister relationship?  The only thing I’d like to see is Fitz/Simmons interacting with the rest of the team more.

And we got another clue to what happened to Coulson.  My take is that Amador used the back scatter feature of her camera when she was talking to him.  She could literally see that there was something different about him.  Her trying to play it off like “no big deal” is going to make May curious, I bet.

Favorite Lines:

  • “She stopped saying “BANG!” when she pulls the trigger?” — Coulson
  • “Bang?” — Skye
  • “And, oh my God, Super Spy is ticklish!” — Skye

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 2: “0-8-4”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 0-8-4

I guess I missed it last episode but how cute is it that those little gadgets are called The Dwarfs and each one is named after one of the Seven Dwarfs?

When I saw the way Coulson and Camilla moved together in the gun fight, I was pretty sure they’d slept together.  I was also suspicious of her from the start.  Too bad I was right.

I liked the scene where Ward suddenly notices that no one is drinking and at the same time Coulson is telling Camilla that Ward will have figured out what’s going on.

This was the kind of situation the team needed to actually make them a team.  They all worked together to come up with a solution to the problem rather than bickering and fighting over who’s idea was the best.  It also says a lot about the character of the team (and Ward in particular) that they were trying to save the bad guys and keep them from being sucked out of the hole in the plane.

Please don’t make Skye a baddie!  It seemed that she reluctantly replied to the message from Rising Tide.  I’m hoping that it will turn out that she’s staying in touch with them to help the team stay one step ahead.  I figure that her being a double agent is something Coulson has already anticipated though.  I think that may even be why he brought her on board.

Fury!  So cool that Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo in this episode.  I know that, in order to be successful, the show will need to distance itself a bit from The Avengers but I really hope that some of the others pop in.  Iron Man would be easy.  Anybody could be inside the suit so it wouldn’t necessarily require Robert Downey, Jr.  Since The Hulk is CGI, he wouldn’t be hard either.

Once again, Coulson gets the best lines.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Your frown will be on record.” — Coulson
  • “Ish” — Coulson
  • “If I need a gun, I’ll take one.” — May
  • “Yeah, we’re gonna have to kill the fish tank.” — Coulson

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Premiere

To quote my friend, Toga, EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Pretty much my feelings exactly.

Whedon!  So great to have Joss back on TV.  It’s been great seeing his success on the big screen but this is where he shines.

Coulson!  He’s alive!  There’s a mystery there.  I don’t think he was really in Tahiti.  The way he kept saying “It’s a magical place.” seems like something that was planted in his mind.  What can he never know?

Gunn and Book!  So great to see J. August Richards and Ron Glass, Whedonverse alums.  I was hoping Mike would stick around but I understand this show isn’t about the “superheroes.”

Fitz-Simmons are my favorite characters (after Coulson) so far.  They’re like twins with their own language.  They talked so fast, I couldn’t catch most of their dialogue but it all sounded like it should be in my favorite lines.

I’m undecided about Ward.  He was much more enjoyable when he was under the truth serum.  Melinda May is badass.  I want to know what happened to make her not want to be in the field anymore.  Right now, I could take or leave Skye.

Lola flies!!!

This was a pretty kick-ass pilot.  Set up all the characters.  A storyline that showed off the team’s strengths.  Cool gadgets.  Great dialogue.  Left some mystery to bring me back for more.

I squee’d when I saw the Mutant Enemy logo at the end but the stupid announcer was talking over the Grr! Arrgh!


Favorite Line:

  • “Sorry.  That corner was really dark and I couldn’t help myself.” — Coulson
  • “This is where they make the red tape, isn’t it?” — Coulson
  • “Gramzy?” — Ward


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