The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 4 – “Indifference”


The Walking Dead: Indifference

Carol‘s just gone?  At least she’s not dead.  She can (and I suspect will) come back.  I don’t think we’ll see her again at the prison.  I do think that something is going to happen to make the group have to leave the prison eventually and we’ll see Carol then.  Rick told her to find a new group and I bet that’s where we will see Carol again.

I wonder if exiling Carol is what Rick had in mind from the start of the trip or if spending the day with her is what prompted it?  She kept wanting to talk about what she did when Rick clearly didn’t, like picking at a scab that won’t heal.  It was clear from the look on Rick’s face that several of the things she said during the day disturbed him.  Rick, if anyone, should understand where she is now.  For a time, he was hard and cold, making difficult decisions.  Realizing he needed to rein it in for the sake of his kids brought back his humanity.  Carol doesn’t have a child anymore.  She’s not completely cold (she fixed Sams’ arm), she just does what she thinks is in the best interest of the group.  I think her blase attitude about Ana and Sam may have been what clinched it for Rick.

I also can’t believe Rick went off and left the sick people in the prison with only Maggie and Carl for protection.

It will be interesting to see what the reaction of the group is if Rick tells them the truth.  Tyreese will probably be mad because Rick let Carol go.  He very obviously wanted to deal out justice to the killer himself.  What qualifies as justice in times like that, though?  The rules of what’s right and wrong are so very different.  Carol did the wrong thing for all the right reasons.  She thought she was ending their suffering and protecting everyone else.  Does that mean she deserves to die?  Daryl was closest to Carol of anyone and he’s taken the time to get to know everyone else.  He’s tired of losing people and he wasn’t okay with the deaths of Karen and David when he didn’t know who did it.  How will he feel when he finds out it was Carol?  I feel like more people than Rick thinks will be okay with what Carol did.  They may not have the stomach to do it themselves but could see that it maybe needed to be done.

Bob and Tyreese are dangerous.  They are too unstable to go on runs.  Tyreese is volatile and unpredictable.  He lets his feelings get the better of him and endangers everyone else.  Like I said before, Bob is an alcoholic and the need for a drink gets in the way of his better sense.  I was so sure there was medicine in that bag he was so desperate to hang on to.  He could have gotten himself or someone else killed and then he threatened to pull a gun on Daryl.

Daryl staring Bob down like the alpha dog in a pack was great.  Bob cowed down to him just like a submissive dog would.  I’ll say again how far Daryl has come.  Before, he was content to follow along and help but he’s definitely stepped into the role of a leader.  He may even be a better leader than Rick.

Why did Sam and Ana split up?  What happened to Sam?

Someone said the veterinary school was about 50 miles from the prison.  Under normal circumstances, that would take 1 – 1 1/2 hours to drive.  Why did Michonne say it would take them seven hours to get home?

Favorite Lines:

  • “You can be a farmer, Rick, you can’t just be a farmer.” — Carol
  • “You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat your ass into the ground.” — Daryl

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 3 – “Isolation”


The Walking Dead: Isolation

Rick and Tyreese got over their anti-violence problem pretty quickly.  I know Rick figured it out later but why was Tyreese so convinced that someone had killed Karen and David then set them on fire? Why couldn’t they have died from the disease and then been burned?

This season is really more about the characters and their development than past seasons.  Daryl has become the wise man, a voice of reason in the madness.  He was the one trying to diffuse the situation and calm everyone.  A lot has been said about how far Carol has come (I’ll get to that in a minute) but Daryl has come almost as far.  He was hot-headed and a little impulsive in the first season and didn’t seem to give a shit about anyone else.  Now, he handles situations and I think he takes the losses harder than anyone else, he just doesn’t show his emotions as much.

These people still don’t learn.  They are making sound decisions separating the sick people from everyone else but they are still making stupid mistakes.  This disease works fast, killing people in less than a day.  There is a whole cell block of people in various stages of the disease and they don’t lock the individual cell doors?  Glenn wasn’t even in a cell, he was just hanging out in a hallway.

Carl is a little too happy about getting his gun back.  He’s not overtly bouncing up and down but he’s a little too eager to want to use it. Reminding Rick that he might have to shoot someone and insisting that he go with Herschel.  Why didn’t Herschel let Carl kill the walkers in the woods?  Yes, Carl needs to be taught when it’s the right or wrong time to use his gun, but that seemed like a perfect time to use it. That bear trap walker probably followed them back to the prison so that’s just one more for them to deal with later.

Carol is a killer.  She has definitely come the farthest of any character.  Remember back in the first season when she was a shrinking violet? Now, she’s killing people.  Yes, she did it to try and protect everyone else but that wasn’t her place.  That’s definitely something that should have been discussed with the council.  There’s also a possibility one of them wasn’t dead when she burned them (hand print Rick found on the door).  She still has heart but she’s learned to be cold when it’s necessary. She’s also very smart.  That was a pretty good idea she had about distracting the walkers so she could work on the water line.

Anybody else find it a little far-fetched that Tyreese made it through that horde of walkers with just a hammer without getting bit?  Looks like he had a lot of anger to work out.  There’s a few thousand walkers between the group and the vet school.  Even if they get in, how are they going to get back? The car is stuck in walker mud.

Favorite Lines:

  • “I wouldn’t plan on much typing the next few days.” — Herschel
  • “What’s that word?”  “Zanamivir.”  “Yep, we need you.” — Daryl and Bob

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 2 – “Infected”


The Walking Dead: Infected

I figured out why Rick didn’t put down the crazy chick in the woods after she died last week.  I don’t think he’s killed a walker since the end of last season.  I understand why he wouldn’t want to kill a person after what Carl did but after everything he’s lost because of the walkers, why does he hesitate to kill them?  Even at the fence, with it nearly ready to fall down, he started out slowly, pausing to look at each walker before he killed it.

Congrats, Carol on adding to your family.  The only thing I could think of when Ryan was asking her to take care of his girls like they were her own, was that she didn’t do such a good job of that with Sophia.  That’s horrible and it wasn’t her fault.  Carol has become so much stronger since then.  That was pretty evident when she took Ryan into the cell and was like “Be calm, I’m going to cut your arm off.”  It was even more apparent by watching her mother her new girls.  “You’re weak” isn’t exactly the most motherly thing to say.  One of those girls is nuts, though.  I think her name is Lindsay.  She was more upset about her favorite walker being killed when she just watched her father die.  Her sister, Mica, is pretty smart.  She was looking at her sister like she’d just lost her last marble.

Speaking of mothers, I think Michonne had a kid.  When she first started grimacing at Judith’s crying, I thought maybe she was sick and just more sensitive to the sound.  When she took Judith and her lip started trembling, I knew she’d lost a child.  I wonder if the walkers she had on chains had anything to do with it?  How cute was Judith playing with the cups?  Anyone else think she sounded like a walker when she was babbling in the background?  I would think she’s probably heard them if they ever take her outside.  Babies imitate what they hear.  I also think I may have heard her cough right before she started crying.  Uh-oh.

Poor piglets!  I know they had to go, especially since they may be carriers of the virus but couldn’t Rick at least slit their throats first?  The walkers would have still gone for them, it was fresh blood and the poor babies wouldn’t have suffered so much.

I liked seeing the council meeting.  I was wondering how that dynamic worked.  I wonder how Sasha ended up on the council?  Other than her, it’s made up of the people that have been together for a while.  She’s new and no one knows her very well.  I would like to see how they chose who was going to be on the council.

The guns are back.  Rick made a pretty fast turnaround about them.  When the cell block was being attacked, I saw him reach for his gun belt, which wasn’t there.  Then, someone hands him a gun and he immediately hands it off to someone else.  Carl ran off with his gun like a kid who got a puppy for Christmas.  I’m not sure, but I think that scene also marked the end of Rick’s sheriff shirt.

I’m glad that they were able to figure out that there’s a virus killing people.  With all the carnage from the attack, I was afraid they’d think that someone had been bitten and not told anyone.  Then, there could have been a lot more deaths.  But, did two walkers cause all that damage?  Patrick died and rose an hour or so later.  He went and knawed on the guy in the cell for most of the night and that guy turned.  From the time those two walkers came out of the cell until the people outside heard the boom, it couldn’t have been that long but there seemed to be a lot more walkers.

We’ve got two mysteries to solve.  First, who’s feeding rats to the walkers and WHY would they do that?  I thought it could be Lindsay but I don’t think it can be a kid.  Whoever it is would have to be able to get the inside gate open to get to the outer fence where the walkers are.  I guess it’s possible a kid could do it because Carl can work the gate.  Second, who drug Karen and the other guy’s bodies outside and burned them?  Also, were they already dead when they did it or did the mystery person kill them?

Favorite Lines:

  • “Haven’t seen anyone be lucky in a long time.” — Bob

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The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1 – “30 Days Without An Accident”


Countdown to The Walking Dead Season 4: 2 Days

So, Rick isn’t using a gun.  Why?  I know he’s trying to show Carl a better way but that doesn’t mean he should leave himself unprotected.  Why was there a gun buried in the garden?  And, what’s up with the headphones?  If the walkers were to break down the fence, he wouldn’t hear them.

The pig was sick and they didn’t ask Herschel to look at it?  He’s a veterinarian!  What if what’s wrong with the pig (that they’re planning on eating) is contagious to humans?

Maybe they should come up with a way of attaching spikes to the fence so that the walkers impale themselves.  Or build more of those spike things by the gate and put them all around the outside.  It would keep the walkers from being able to gang up all in one spot.  Eventually, they are going to knock that fence down.  Also, someone needs to beat the kids for standing out there taunting the walkers.

So, Beth is hardening herself.  It didn’t even seem like she was all that into Zach and then she barely blinked when Daryl told her he was dead.  I know she says she can’t cry anymore but I think she’s withdrawing emotionally.  Can’t be hurt if you don’t care.  On the other side of that, Maggie and Glenn are contemplating a baby.  I wouldn’t want to get pregnant in those circumstances.

How cool would it be if Daryl actually had been a cop?  He took Zach’s death harder than Beth.  I think he feels bad now that he never answered Zach’s question.

They’ve set up a council now which makes sense.  No one person is making all the decisions and with so many people in the prison now, it’s likely to keep the tension at a  minimum.  What I don’t understand is why Carol is teaching the kids about weapons in secret?  It makes sense to teach them how to protect themselves.  Obviously they aren’t going to be sent out on supply runs but who knows when a stray walker might come along?  So, why wouldn’t she bring that up to the council?  I know Rick is probably against it because he’s gone the total opposite direction of where he was last year but the rest of the council would probably vote for it.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

Bob’s an alcoholic and he’s to blame for Zach dying, even if it was indirect and unintentional.  My question is why no one noticed the walkers on the roof of the building?  When you are approaching a building from a distance, you can usually see something sticking up on the roof unless it’s a tall building.  The store was a one story building.  Someone should have been able to see at least one walker or maybe the helicopter.

I kept hearing everyone associated with the show say that the threat this year wouldn’t be people or walkers but something everyone is familiar with.  I guess that’s going to be illness.  First, what made Patrick sick?  Something he ate, other people ate the same things?  If it’s an airborne illness of some sort, no one else seems to be sick.  He coughed all over the water supply and Carol turned the grill over to him so he’s probably spread whatever it is.  He also shook Daryl’s hand.  😦  Whatever it is, it’s fast acting since he went from healthy to dead in the course of a day.  And now Walker Patrick is locked in the cell block with all the sleeping people.

Favorite Lines:

  • “Just so you know, I liked you first.” — Carol
  • “Sorry, Pookie.” — Carol

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