The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 8 – “Too Far Gone”


The Walking Dead Animated

I didn’t write about last week’s episode because there wasn’t a lot to say about another Governor show.  I realize that those two episodes were standalone to give the rest of the cast time to attend ComicCon, but I feel like they had a missed opportunity with them.  I think the story could have been a lot more interesting if Phillip realized he couldn’t keep his new family safe where they were and went and begged Rick to take them in.  I think it could have been interesting to see a character try and come back from the horrific things they’ve done.  Instead, we just got reinforcement about how insane The Governor is.

The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

I think we all knew when The Governor captured Hershel and Michonne that something bad was going to happen to one of them.  The sad thing is, I think The Governor thought he really had changed.  In his mind, he was just doing what needed to be done to keep people safe.  He killed people he thought were bad leaders that were going to get people killed.  He’s insane so of course he didn’t realize the flaw in that logic.  I thought for a second that Rick’s speech was getting to him.  I guess it did but not in the way Rick was hoping.  The Governor called Rick a liar because, in that moment, he realized that he couldn’t come back from the things he’d done.  He may not have originally planned on actually killing Hershel but that realization sent him over the edge.

I find it really hard to believe that no one from The Governor’s camp (except Tara) was the least bit squeamish about killing a bunch of sick people and children to get the prison.  Yes, “Brian” had told them that bad people were living there, but they could see with their own eyes that Rick was willing to make compromises to keep everyone safe while their leader was willing to kill people to get what he wanted.  Other than Mitch, they all seemed like decent people yet no one objected.

I know some people were surprised that The Governor didn’t kill Michonne.  He probably had plans for her later (I don’t think it occurred to him that he might lose) but he chose Hershel for the emotional impact.  If he had threatened Michonne, he knew Rick wouldn’t cave.  It was a tactical error on both of their parts.  I don’t think Rick thought The Governor would actually kill Hershel either.  They underestimated each other which seems pretty stupid on Rick’s part.

Where did all the walkers go?  Last week, there were so many they took the fence down and this week there were none?  They started coming after the noise from the fight started but before that…nothing.

Intially, I thought (and even tweeted) that Michonne should have put her sword through The Governor’s other eye.  I see her reasoning for not killing him though.  She was subjecting him to the same fate that he’d given Andrea.  By leaving him there, she hoped that he would suffer being eaten alive.

Did anyone go back and kill Hershel’s head?

At the end of the episode, everyone is scattered.  I’ve tried to figure out where everyone is/who they’re with.

  • Glenn was on the bus.
  • Sasha, Maggie and Bob were together.
  • Tyreese went after the girls. (Where did the other kids go?  They ran the other direction but the bus was gone.)  Rick didn’t have time to tell him about Carol.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Ty and the girls met up with her somewhere?
  • Daryl and Beth were together.
  • Rick and Carl went off into the woods.
  • Michonne?  Didn’t see her after The Governor.  I hope that she took Judith.
  • Where did Tara and Lilly go?

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Bones – Season 9, Episode 8: “The Dude in the Dam”


Bones: The Dude in the Dam

After nine seasons, why is it that Brennan still doesn’t understand that some people may find her rude?  Between Booth and Angela, I know they’ve talked to her about it 1,000 times.  She is too smart not to realize that her logical truthfulness doesn’t always sit well with people who don’t know and love her.  I find her confusion at how she is sometimes perceived to be a bit far-fetched.  However, her “feud” with Tess Brown was amusing.  When Sweets said she was up to something, my first thought was that she was trying to boost her sales.

Yay, Wendell is back!  He’s my favorite of the Squinterns.

Okay, Hodgins and the bot fly was just gross.  I squirmed every time they showed that thing on the back of his neck.  Blech!  So totally Hodgins though.  His reasoning behind it was pretty solid.  For a scientist who loves insects so much to have to destroy them so often must be difficult.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the Jeffersonian’s purpose is not just to be the forensics lab for Booth’s cases.  Unlike the lab techs on CSI, these people are scientists first.

So, Booth has gone from not really minding if Brennan kills off Agent Andy to wanting him to be a superhero.  I love the fact that the show has named the heroine of Brennan’s books after the writer of the books the show is based on.  I started reading Kathy Reichs books because of the show.

Favorite Lines:

  • “No one appreciates the power of the mollusks.” — Hodgins
  • “Are you really going to give birth to a bug because I saw The Fly and it did not end well.”  Wendell

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