Castle – Season 6, Episode 6: “Get A Clue”


Castle: Get a Clue

Second case in a row that’s right up Castle’s alley.  He loves crazy conspiracies and far out theories. Usually, he throws out all these wild ideas and Beckett reins him in.  But, those wild ideas sometimes help Beckett with the case.  Something Castle says or does triggers a normal thought from Beckett that can lead the investigation in a new direction.  This time, most of Castle’s wild ideas were right.

I love what a good team Castle and Beckett make.  In the church, it only took Beckett about five seconds to come around to Castle’s way of thinking.  They both thought the monk was guilty (even if they had different reasons).  The way they bounce thoughts off each other.  They’ve come such a long way from their first case together.

Did I miss, or have I forgotten, when they talked about what a good swordsman Castle is?  Why is he so good with a sword?

I can’t believe Castle got them stuck in the tomb.  Has he learned nothing from Indiana Jones?

Castle’s in a hard place where Alexis is concerned.  I have to say, I agree with Rick that Pi is just odd and not right for her.  On the other hand, Alexis has a right to be upset.  Castle was being a jerk and I thought the deathglare that Alexis gave him might have tempered his snark a bit.  I guess not.  Rick can express his concerns to Alexis when they are alone but he has to be polite to Pi and try to accept him. Alexis is an adult and he may not like her choice but it’s her choice.  He’s going to have to learn to control his reaction when Pi is around.  Support Alexis and when the time is right, she’ll come to him.  Eventually, she will figure it out on her own.

Favorite Line:

  • “My version has more dramatic flair.” — Castle
  • “We’re going to get hepatitis just breathing the air.” — Ryan

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 5: “Time Will Tell”


Castle: Time Will Tell

Finally! Castle is fed up with Pi but it comes with a price.  On some level, Rick had to know his baby girl was going to move out eventually.  If I were him, I don’t think I’d be happy with the situation either.  Alexis needs to stand on her own two feet before she lives with someone.  She needs to know herself first.  Rick’s such a kid sometimes, it’s nice to see that grown up, daddy side of him.

Kate’s on the outside of the situation and I think she has a little better grasp on it.  She can see Alexis is a little lost because she’s unsure of her place in Rick’s life now.  It’s probably occurred to Alexis that Kate and Castle might start a family and she won’t be the baby anymore.  Kate doesn’t want to push too much though, it’s something Rick and Alexis need to figure out on their own.

So, was Simon Doyle crazy or really from the future?  Of course, Castle believed it was possible.  He loves an out there theory.  Simon disappeared at the end.  Where did he go?  Did he duck into one of the doors to mess with Castle or really go *poof*?  Other than all the future talk, Simon seemed fairly sane.  He knew how to fool the pysch evaluator.

Why would Kate be Senator Beckett instead of Senator Castle?  I really can’t see Kate going into politics.  She’s not someone who likes the spotlight.  She’s always been uncomfortable when people realize that she’s Nikki Heat.  Three kids?  Castle seemed pretty happy about that but Beckett seemed surprised.

The actor who played Jack Hasting (the leader of the eco group) is Tim Daly’s son, Sam.  He looks a lot like his father.

It’s about time to start planning a wedding!

Favorite Line:

  • “A lot more lucrative, a lot less prison.” — Castle
  • “Maybe we should put something in our vows about following each other into creepy places.” — Castle

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 4: “Number One Fan”


Castle: Number One Fan

I never found the time to blog about the last episode (“Need To Know”).  I didn’t have a whole lot to say about it anyway.  Mainly, I’m glad Kate is back in NY but wish they’d gone with a different reason.  I was hoping she’d realize she missed being a police officer and being able to make an impact for the victims and their families and missed working with her team and Castle and decide to quit on her own.  Her getting fired, and the reason why, was kind of lame.  Still, it was very sweet of Castle to offer to move for her.

Pi has got to go!  Who barges into someone’s room with out knocking, especially when A) they are a GUEST and B) the room belongs to a couple who could be doing couple-y things?  The fact that he had been standing outside their room listening is doubly creepy.  I really hope this is a phase Alexis is going through in reaction to her dad’s engagement.  That doesn’t make much sense to me since she has always liked Kate but, honestly, I’m at a loss for any other reason.

Kate needs to work.  Obviously, as Rick pointed out, she doesn’t have to because he has more than enough money to support them.  But, but being a cop isn’t just a job to Kate, it’s a passion.  She needs to help people and see that justice is done.  I know it started out because of her mother, but I think it’s become much more than that to her.  If she hadn’t gotten reinstated to the force, she could have become a consulting PI like Sherlock.

I really didn’t like Captain Gates when she first came on.  I loved Captain Montgomery and I realize she was so much different than him to bring a different vibe to the team and shake it up a bit.  Still, I found her hard and a bit grating.  The fact that she didn’t like Castle didn’t endear her to me much either.  But, as she’s gotten to know her people, I’ve seen her soften a bit.  She really has their back and to see her finagle a way for Kate to get back on the force was pretty awesome.

I don’t usually have much to say about the cases themselves.  To me, they’re usually just filler.  This week, the scene when Emma met her father for the first time, made me tear up.  As to the murderer, you’d think a lawyer would be smart enough not to keep anything incriminating in his house.

Finally, YAY! Lainie!

Favorite Line:

  • “She dotted the I!” — Castle

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 2: “Dreamworld”


Castle: Dreamworld


I like Kate’s partner (I still don’t know her name yet).  She’s ballsy.  I know I hit on this last time.  I like that she sees the potential in Kate and has her back.  And she’s not so hard-nosed she couldn’t offer a few words of comfort to Castle.  I’m sure Kate will be back at the NYPD soon but I’ll be sorry to see Lisa Edelstein go.

Hi, Glenn Morshower!  I’d seen him in stuff but never really paid attention or knew his name.  I went to a horror con last spring and he just showed up unannounced to meet fans.  I thought that was pretty cool so now I notice him.  Even if his character was a dick, lol.  He nearly got his wife killed trying to save his own ass and reputation.

OMG!  The scene where Castle was talking to his mother and was trying not to let on that anything was wrong and his mother figured it out anyway!  I nearly burst into tears.  They don’t have the most normal mother/son relationship but she still knew her boy was in trouble.

Enough with the Castle and Beckett being in danger.  Although it’s always nice to see them worrying about each other, they have enough drama in their lives without it.

Still not enough Ryan and Esposito but it looks like they are going to make up for it next week.


Favorite Line:

  • “Somtimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.” — Castle

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Castle – Season 6, Episode 1: “Valkyrie”


Castle Season 6 Premiere


She said yes!  As if there was ever any doubt?  This is a real, solid couple.  He supports her and lifts her up, not hold her back.

Kate’s in a different position now.  Before she was BWOC, like the Senior Homecoming queen.  Now, she’s like the Freshman college student.  She knows she can do it but she’s still trying to get her bearings.  Her new partner seems nice.  Glad to see that she isn’t just a resentful bitch trying to show Kate she doesn’t belong there.  That happens too much in TV/movies.  For every bitch in real life, there are so many more women who are supportive of each other.

Poor Castle!  He wants Kate to succeed but he just can’t help his natural curiosity gets the better of him.  He was having trouble adjusting to the “new normal” but he tried putting his feelings aside for Kate.  And of course, it’s gotten him into big trouble.

Alexis’ boyfriend has got to go.  She’s too smart for an idiot like that.  He seems sweet, but dumb.

Not enough Martha, Ryan and Esposito and NO Lainie!


Favorite Line:  “You’re swaddling that doll right now, aren’t you?” — Castle


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