I alluded in my last Doctor Who post that there was a reason it was taking me so long with posts.  I started this blog because sometimes I have a lot of thoughts after an episode of a series and it’s too much to post in a discussion on a fan board or someone’s else’s blog.  But, I’ve made a mistake in thinking I have to post on every episode of every show I watch.  It’s starting to ruin my enjoyment of those shows and I’ve gotten way behind on a few of them.  Whenever I sit down to watch something, I think “Oh, I don’t feel like or have time to make notes right now.” and move on to something I don’t blog about.  Also, sometimes, it’s difficult to find anything to say.  There are a lot of enjoyable episodes that just don’t spark an “OMG, I have questions/comments!” moment.  Especially with procedural shows like Bones or Castle.

So, I’ve made a decision.  I’m not going to stop blogging but I’m not going to force myself to write about every show.  I’m going to watch an episode and if I have something to say afterward, I’ll post.  If not, I won’t.  There are certain shows like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and True Blood that I’ll probably post about every episode.

I did get caught up on a few shows over the holidays, though and I may go back and write about a couple of them later on.


So Far Behind!!!


I’m so far behind on my TV watching.  Life gets in the way, lol.  Random posts may happen.  I’m going to try to get last week’s AHS posted today before tonight’s episode.  I have Dracula on the DVR but haven’t watched any of them so far.  Anyone else watching it?  Is it worth my time?  Expect a Grimm post soon.



True Blood post is going to be delayed a couple of days.  I need to watch it again before I post about it.  Hubby watched with me again this week but he talked through half of it.  Grr!

The 12th Doctor — I’m not unhappy about the choice of Peter Capaldi.  I remember him from Torchwood and The Fires of  Pompeii.  He’s Scottish.  Friend of Craig Ferguson.  A bit older than I was expecting but he talked about it was such excitement, I can see he’ll bring the youth that’s needed to the role as well.  



So, I just started this blog because I watch a lot of TV and I have thoughts.  Since the season is almost over for most of the shows I watch, I’m going to try to write about the individual episodes starting next season.

I’m not overly critical of the shows I like.  I may not always agree with the direction that story lines go but I won’t have a temper tantrum about it.  I may, occasionally, mention my dislikes in passing.  Mostly, I’ll write about my thoughts and questions I have about things that happened in an episode.  I’ll try to pick out a few of my favorite lines.

I know next to nothing about websites, so please bear with me.  As I learn, the look of this blog may change.  Or I may fail spectacularly and it will always look the same.